A number of specific features have to be kept in mind when choosing plants for a small garden. Read this article to know how to choose the right plants for your small garden.

Choosing Plants For A Small Garden

There is one main problem when selecting plants for a small sized garden. You will have to pick out just a handful few from a long list of plants and trees you love. This task is easier said than done, especially if you are an avid gardener. So in order to zero in on the plants that will best adorn your garden, begin by creating a basic framework for plant selection. There are certain plant features you will have to keep in mind while choosing plants for a small garden.   
Color Preferences
When choosing plants for a small-sized garden, restrict your plant choices to just two to three colors. Selecting just two to three different types of plants will also do. So even if you pick just three different plants, you will want to pick three of each that makes a total of nine plants. Now try positioning these plants neatly in your garden.
Incase you want your small garden to appear ready and full the very first year, then you will have to position the small plants close to one another. Another option is to purchase bigger mature plants, with which the look of your garden will get an instant makeover. But if you have the time and patience, then let your small garden grow steadily.     
Texture and Form
In order to provide your small spaced garden some depth, you will require a little variation in the texture and form of the plants you grow there. Since you will be growing just a handful of plants in your garden, pick those that have a long-term appeal. You can choose those plants that have good leafage and are variegated.    
Making the Final Draft
There is no such thing as a final draft when planting a garden. This is because as seasons change, you will keep introducing changes in the plants and overall arrangement. A garden is never finished. But it often helps if you can visualize your garden. Make a sketch of how you want your garden to look. The arrangement of plants, color synchronization, creative use of the vertical space – these are aspects people highlight in sketches before the creation of the actual garden.

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