Concentrate on a relaxed decorating arrangement when decorating home in the true Mexican and Hispanic Style. Read to get tips on Mexican and Hispanic Style Home Decor.

Mexican And Hispanic Style Decorating

It is basically a relaxed decorating arrangement you have to concentrate on while decorating your home the true Mexican and Hispanic way. At times, the Mexican home decoration style is also called the Southwestern Style or Santa Fe Style. The Mexican home decoration is characterized by certain specific architectural elements and decorating styles. In this article, we have discussed important features of the Mexican and Hispanic home decoration style. Read on to know.  
Tips On Mexican and Hispanic Style Home Decor
  • Convert the doorways into arches. Let the arch remain bare without doors.
  • For walls and furniture items, go for earthy colors like beiges. Bright hues like reds, yellows, oranges, greens and blues are great for the accents. Remember not to use teal and pink colors even by mistake.
  • Another very important feature of Mexican style home decoration is display of brightly colored terracotta pottery pieces, woven blankets, pillows, etc.  
  • You can also consider using unique decorative pieces like a resin steer skull. This might seem a little weird to those naïve about the Mexican and Hispanic style home decoration. But the Native cultures admire animals, which in turn find ample incorporation in their art as well.
  • Plant a cactus in a terra cotta pot.
  • Purchase barbed wire and paint it dark brown. After this, roll the barbed wire into layers of circles to create a wreath. You can exhibit this barbed wire wreath on a wall.
  • When decorating the home in a Mexican style, employ terra cotta tiles as back splashes or flooring.
  • Colorwash the walls of the house.  
  • Dangle chili peppers, onions and garlic upside down for a traditional homey touch.
  • Pick furniture items which are big-sized and traditional looking. Use of leather or suede upholstery is just perfect. The furniture items in the kitchen should be practical. Hence, use woven chairs.
  • Add ornate wrought iron pieces for wall hangings, plant hangers and chandeliers.
  • Do exhibit a couple of Spanish or Mexican art pieces like paintings, etc.  
  • Display on the walls some nicely framed black and white desert pictures.
  • Keep brightly woven baskets to hold magazines, towels and other items.

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