Colonial Style Decor looks very elegant, classy and stylish. With this article, get complete information on decorating your home interiors in colonial style.

Colonial Style Decorating

Colonial style of architecture was found in America from the sixteenth century, when the first settlers came here, to eighteenth century, when the country gained independence. Throughout the period, the new settlers learned and adopted a number of lifestyle practices from the native people. At the same time, they also incorporated some practices from the Europeans, with whom they traded, and adapted them to their own way of living. With time, the influences gave rise to a different and unique style, which we today known as the American Colonial Style. The style is very elegant, practical and easy to create in the house. Check out some tips and ideas for decorating your home interiors in colonial style.
Colonial Style Decorating Ideas 
  • For creating the colonial look in your kitchen, paint the walls in a flat color. Along with that, you can also hang some basic utensils in the room to give the perfect effect.
  • In case of your bedroom, it will be a good idea to go for matt white color for both walls and ceiling. Fix a chair rail (dado rail) or paneling effects in the room, by making use of wood or polystyrene moldings. Adding patchwork quilts on beds would only complete the look.
  • You can also place a Windsor chair in the bedroom or the drawing room, with a spindle back, to give it a colonial look.
  • Instead of using cushions, go for needlepoint pillows. They make the house look much more warm and comfortable.
  • The curtains hold a very special place in the colonial look. For the purpose, make use of a simple cloth with tabbed headings. Instead of the metal rods, go for wood poles. Along with that, you can also add shutters to the windows.
  • Pewter was very much in vogue during the colonial times. If possible, get pewter cups, plates or candlesticks from antique stores and adorn your house with them.
  • The best idea is to go for matt white for the walls as well as the ceiling color. For colors, make use of the woodwork. Anything apart from mahogany would look good if painted.
  • If you can get grained and marble effects in the paints, the look would be just perfect.

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