Black mold is one of the most toxic molds and can lead to serious sickness in humans too. Read on to know some natural black mold removal tips and remedies.

Black Mold Remedy

Molds are basically a form of fungi that can be found thriving in a warm and damp area. Black mold is one of the most toxic molds and is greenish-black in color. If you do not treat it and get rid of it properly, it can continue to remain in your house forever and slowly contaminate it fully. Black mold is not only bad for your house, but is also a major health hazard. If inhaled, it can easily cause sickness and, in extreme cases, even prove fatal. So, it is very necessary to remove it at the very first instance. Given below are a number of natural tips that can help you in black mold removal.
Black Mold Remedy 
  • The first step towards removal of black mold is the identification of the source of moisture. This is because black mold thrives in moisture and removal of the source of the moisture is very necessary for effectively getting rid of it. Check out for any leaks, flooding, etc and take active steps to stop them.
  • The next step towards the removal of black mold is the sealing of the room that has been contaminated. Take heavy sheets of plastic and cover the doorways, vents and all the other openings with them. Seal the sheets with duct tape to be doubly sure. This way, you will stop the mold from contaminating other rooms of the house.
  • Put an exhaust fan in one of the opening in the room. This will help you in removing mold spores from the room.
  • Clean all the molds with the help of soap and sponge. In case the area that has been affected by molds is very dry, it is better to use some water to dampen it slightly. Dry molds get carried away with the slightest breath of air. Dampening them will ensure that they do not become air borne and affect other areas.
  • After you have thoroughly cleaned all the surfaces of black mold, it is the time to disinfect the room. Make sure to use the disinfectant throughout the room, in areas that had visible mold as well as those that did not have the mold. This will help you make sure that even the slightest traces of mold spores are not left in the room.
  • With the above step, your room has become free of any molds. Now is the time to throw away all the things that you used for cleaning the molds. Make sure to put them in a sealed garbage bag and throw them from the nearest exit.

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