Check out some easy tips on cleaning suede shoes / boots.

Cleaning Suede Shoes

A lovely warm, soft and cuddly material, suede is classier than ordinary leather. Mightily stylish though the suede shoes look, their soft, warm texture can be a challenge to clean. To give a longer life to your suede shoes, it is better to avoid them getting stained and wet with water as much as possible. The material absorbs the water and stains and does not let them slip off easily. The most effective way to maintain the shoes is to get them professionally cleaned. to maintain the safety and quality of the fabric. However, this might prove a bit too expensive for the pocket. As such, the next best option is to clean the suede shoes at home only, making use of home cleaning tips. Read the guidelines given below and learn all about cleaning suede shoes.    
How To Clean Suede Boots
Things Needed 
  • Shoe Shining/ Cleaning Kit
  • Paper Towels
  • Leather Cleaning Kits
  • Washcloths
  • Leather Protection Sprays
  • White Vinegar
  • Suede Brushes 
  • Wipe the suede fabric of the shoes softly with a bath towel, to clean its nap properly.
  • You can do away with dry stains and other marks from suede fabric by softly rubbing a pencil eraser on the specific spots on the shoe. In case of a wet stain; put a paper towel atop the stain, to soak up all the extra liquid. Refrain from using any type of stain remover or any other similar products, especially when you want to have it cleaned professionally later on, as this can hinder the cleaning process.
  • Now, brush the suede shoe, making use of a suede brush.
  • Apply a little bit of white vinegar to a somewhat wet cloth, as the final resort for cleaning the suede shoes.
  • Now, softly wipe the shoe surface with the cloth and then let it air dry.
  • Get commercial sprays that protect suede and spray the same on your shoes liberally, to prevent water seepage. Thereafter, let them dry and enjoy wearing them.
  • Shoes, when treated with white vinegar, are likely give a mild odor after they are cleaned. There is no need to worry. The odor will gradually vanish away.
  • Suede garments should be sent in for professional cleaning once in every two years. Do it during the off-season.
  • Do not use products meant to clean leather, for the purpose of cleaning suede.
  • It is advised to do a patch test initially, with any cleansing agent, to make sure that the color and integrity of the suede shoes will not be damaged.
  • Agitate the suede with an emery board and steam it over a kettle or an iron. The heat will open up the pores on the suede thus, making the cleaning easier.
  • Keep in mind that the leather and suede stains need to be professionally treated, as the best option. This is because you are not aware how the leather was treated during the manufacturing of the fabric and what will happen in case you clean it yourself.

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