Getting rid of ants is quite easy; all you need to have is a little patience. In this article, check out how to get rid of ants at home.

Getting Rid Of Ants

You get up from your bed lazily one morning and the moment you place your foot on the floor, numerous ants cling on, reminding you of the spilled cold drink, you didn’t clean last night. As we all know, sugar is one of the most common reasons for ants to wander in our homes. But actually, apart from sugar, there could be many other grounds, which can set these tiny creatures in motion. There are different kinds of ants that you find at different places, could be pavements, kitchens, bathrooms etc. Check out the below given remedies to get rid of different types of ants. 
  • House Ant / Pavement Ant- Actually the most common type of ant, it is found on sidewalk or driveway. These brown ants roam around and make small mounds of dirt. To get rid of house ant, simply use the ant traps available at grocery or hardware stores.
  • Pharoah Ant - To get rid of such ants, it is best to use the ‘sweet’ ant bait traps, available at grocery or hardware stores.
  • Argentine Ants - If such ants are found in house, it is recommended to use regular ant traps. And in case they are seen in outdoor areas, incestide is a better option.
  • Fire Ant - Such ants can beattracted by using an insecticide known as Hydramethylon. Discover the entrance points of ants and it would be better to deal with all of them right away. Since these ants can be dangerous, take heed when you are close to their nests.
  • Carpenter Ants - These ants probably can hide anywhere, including walls and floors. To steer clear of them, firstly locate their nests within the home. The moment you locate the nests, drill a hole and squirt an aerosol incestide into the hole.
  • Ant Nests - The best solution to deal with ant nests is boiling water. Simply boil up a kettle full of water. Pour the boiling water into the nest. Possibly you’ll not get rid of them at first, but constant efforts would force them to leave.
  • Applying Insecticide - Insecticide must be applied on and around the nest, plus likely entry points for the ants. Entry points usually comprise doors, windows, wall cracks, and waste pipes.

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