Getting rid of the nasty sugar ants may seem to be a daunting task. Explore the article to learn how to kill sugar ants.

How To Kill Sugar Ants

Starting from the kitchen to the living room and dining table - the nasty trail of sugar ants invades almost every nook and corner of your home, wherever they find sweet treats and leftover food. While the ants relish on the leftovers, you find yourself totally irritated to indulge in cleaning your entire house. The best way to stop getting annoyed is to go kill the ants. Using pesticides to kill the sugar ants is not a good thing to do. It is suggested to take the cleaning project seriously and go about killing the insects naturally. Read the following lines to know how to kill sugar ants by using the best ways.
Best Ways To Kill Sugar Ants 
  • Sweet baits, such as corn syrup, are commonly used to kill sugar ants. The key ingredient of sweet ant baits - Borax - is a slow-acting poison, which kills the ants immediately after they consume it.
  • Do not leave the dishes, soiled with leftover food, in the kitchen sink. Wash them off immediately after every meal.
  • Sanitize your kitchen to prevent the invasion of sugar ants in the place. Clean the food and liquid spills on your countertops. Sweep the floor and then wipe it with a solution of bleach mixed in warm water, every night before going to bed.
  • Apart from relishing the sweets and sugar, the ants would love to eat pieces of bread crumbs, certain vegetables and meat that could be hiding in your carpet. Vacuum your carpet regularly, to clear all the food stuff.
  • Sugar ants may enter your house through the cracks in the corner of the windows. Seal off the cracks with a paste of red pepper powder and petroleum jelly.
  • Wipe corners of baseboards with soapy water. You may make use of mild soaps, to get rid of the ants. The chemicals in the soap will kill the ants instantly.
  • Garbage bins are thriving places for sugar ants. Clear them regularly. In case the garbage bin is punctured, replace it immediately, as fruit juice or any other kind of liquid may drip through the hole, onto the floor. The area surrounding the bin should be free of mess as well.

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