Sugar ants can really make you go crazy with their infestations in your house. For tips on how to get rid of sugar ants, read further.

Getting Rid Of Sugar Ants

Seeing line of ants crawling from the hall to the kitchen all over the wall can disgust anybody. More so, if it is your home, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing ants take over your peace of mind. The good news is that getting rid of sugar ants is quite a simple proposition and in fact with simple things at home, you can ensure that you drive away those ants. Sugar ants are basically tiny black ants, commonly found in many households. They are called sugar ants because they tend to attack sweet stuff like sugar, candies, etc. Here are some useful tips that will tell you how to get rid of sugar ants.
Tips to Get Rid of Sugar Ants 
  • Every household has white vinegar, but not many know that it can be used in stuff other than cooking too. Take some vinegar in a bowl and dip a sponge in it. Wipe off your kitchen counter top and other such surfaces with that sponge. It will repel ants like never before.
  • Dispose off your trash bag regularly since it is an ideal place for sugar ants to hide. You need to spray insecticide regularly in the trash can to make sure it remains disinfected.
  • Sprinkle ground red pepper powder on the corner of shelves and cabinets in your kitchen and also the room. If the ants have made tiny holes right below the wall, consider sprinkling some there too. This is also very effective in getting rid of ants.
  • Vacuuming your carpets regularly is a must for getting rid of sugar ants. Most people ignore it, but these sugar ants not only eat sugar, but also little food particles and other tiny pests that might be on the carpet. So it is advisable to vacuum regularly to avoid their growth.
  • You may also use Borax to kill sugar ants. You need to mix equal amounts of Borax and confectioners sugar and make baits out of it. Keep it near the corners where ants are seen the most or also on your kitchen counter tops or anthills. This is very effective in killing them.
  • Wiping and mopping your floor with diluted bleach regularly is also sure-shot way to get rid of sugar ants. This makes sure that any unseen food particles or other pests are washed away and the floor remains disinfected.

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