Have you ever wondered as to what could be the various uses of sugar? Check out information on different uses of sugar.

What Are The Uses Of Sugar

When you utter the word sugar, the primary thing that comes to mind is the sweetening agent. Sugar has been since long used as a sweetener in almost all cuisines. However, there are many more uses of sugar, which may fascinate and surprise you. Since a long time, you thought of sugar as just a simple ingredient and now, you will be introduced to a number of other uses that you could not have imagined existed! So check out the various uses of sugar.
Different Uses of Sugar 
  • Sugar can be added to one liter water in a flower vase. When it dissolves, it will help nourish the stems and also keep the flowers fresh for a long time. Adding a tablespoon of vinegar as well will prevent the growth of mould and bacteria in the vase.
  • Sugar crystals can be used as an abrasive and you can use it to scrub to clean your hands if they are coated with oil or grease. It is really effective in getting rid of oil or grease build up.
  • Sugar, in the form of a sticky liquid, can act as an effective wasp trap. Take 2 ounces of sugar and add it in a little water; boil it to make it a sticky liquid. The wasps will be attracted due to the smell and when they go into the liquid to feed, they aren’t able to come out.
  • Anyone who has had a bad burn on the tongue while drinking hot coffee, tea or had hot food, will know the terrible stinging pain. However, immediately rubbing some sugar on your tongue will get rid off the stinging pain.
  • You all must be knowing that sugar attracts the dreaded cockroaches. However, mixing sugar and baking powder will actually help get rid of them. Mix equal amount of sugar and baking powder and see the roaches vanishing in a few days.
  • Sprinkling fine sugar over homemade cakes will help keep them fresh for a longer time. It will also make the cakes more delicious!
  • If you want to keep your biscuits from going soggy due to moisture and want to keep them fresh, sprinkle some sugar lumps in your biscuit tin. It will absorb moisture and keep your biscuits fresh.

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