If you want to know how to get rid of stray cats, this article has just been made for you. Read on further and know about the ways of getting rid of stray cats.

How To Get Rid Of Cats

Cats are cute creatures and make very good pets. The problem arises when they are outside your house, rather than inside. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about stray cats, which seem to outnumber domesticated cats these days. They can easily make way into your garden and if, by any chance, they manage to find a nesting area out there, you can be sure that soon you will have kittens abounding around your house. Therefore, it is very necessary to get rid of cats as soon as possible. If you want to know how to achieve that, read the information provided in the following lines and follow the solution that suits you the best.
Ways for Getting Rid of Stray Cats
Do Not Feed
The first thing to remember while getting rid of stray cats is not to feed them at all. In fact, if you any of your neighbors feeding them, request him not to do so. At the same time, remove any and every source of food, like a waste container, around your house.
Get Rid of Nesting Area
If there is any space around your house that might serve as a nesting area for a cat, seal it as soon as possible. Places like sheds, foundations, barns or underneath decks should be the ones targeted first.
Local Animal Control Center
Get in touch with the officials at your ‘Local Animal Control Center’. They are in a much better position to catch hold of the stray cats and take them away from your home as well as your neighborhood.
Motion Sensing Sprinklers
If your problem is a neighbor’s cat getting into your garden, you can put motion sensing sprinklers in there. As soon as the cat approaches your garden, the sprinklers will get activated and soak it to the bone. Believe me, cats hate water and are not likely to come visiting your garden again.
Cat Traps
Just like mouse traps, you have cat traps too, which can be used for the purpose of catching stray cats. You can use them and after catching the cat, either take it to the ‘Local Animal Control Center’ or set it free far away from your house.
Electronic Devices
Another option is to make use of electronic devices for getting rid of cats. You have to place them in your garden or any other area that is frequented by cats. As soon as the cat nears the area, the device will get activated and release a high-pitched noise, making it run away.  
Hot Pepper Oil
Buy a few dozen of the hottest peppers from the market and extract their oil. Apply it on the areas that are frequented by the cats. You can also make use of a pepper spray instead. Though it will take some time, eventually the cats will stop visiting your house.
Get a Dog

The old ‘tried and tested formula’ to get rid of cats comprises of getting a dog for your house. Not only will your problem be solved, but you will also get a companion for yourself.

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