Do you want to know the procedure of how to clean algae from fish tank? Check out the article given below and explore the tips for cleaning algae from aquarium.

How To Clean Algae From Fish Tank

Seeing colorful fish swimming in a water tank provides the perfect distraction from the stress of daily life. Fish have a soothing effect on the mind of an individual. However, getting a fish tank for yourself is much easier than maintaining it. Apart from the usual cleaning of the tank, you have to make sure that there is no unnecessary growth of algae in there. If there is, you need to take the required steps to remove it as well as take preventive measures to minimize the chances of its recurrence. In the following lines, we have provided all the information required to know how to clean algae from fish tank.
Tips for Cleaning Algae from Aquarium

Scrub the sides of your water tank on a regular basis. At the same time, make sure that the scrubbing is done before you indulge in the process of water change. In case some free-floating algae are left even after water change, mechanical filtration is the best option. 

Water Changes
Make sure to change the water in the tank on a regular basis. You do not need to empty the entire tank and fill it with fresh water. Rather, change 10 to 15 percent of the water on a weekly basis. This will remove the free-floating algae as well as the excess phosphates and nitrates in the water. 

Avoidance of Sunlight
Keep the aquarium in such a place where the sunlight does not fall directly on it. This is because direct sunlight provides a boost to the growth of algae, even when it is available for a very short duration. To inhibit the growth of algae in the water tank, make sure that it does not get sunlight. 

Don’t Overfeed
Feed the fish only one time in a day and make sure that the food you give them gets consumed completely, within 2-3 minutes. Excess food will not only provide the algae nutrients to thrive on, but also lead to poor water quality and poor fish health. 

Lights and Maintenance
Make sure to set the lights of the fish tank on a timer, about 12 hours a day. The time can be increased to 14 hours, if there are live plants in the tank. Try to make the timer timings coincide with the real time. At the same time, provide regular filter maintenance (changing cartridges, cleaning gravel, etc) 

Right Additives
Make sure to use the right additives in the aquarium. Tap water, used in the aquarium, provides enough amount of phosphate, while the fish provide adequate amount of nitrates. If you put an additive with phosphate and nitrates, it will only increase their levels in the tank, beyond what is required, and facilitate the growth of algae. 

No Overpopulation
Never ever overpopulate your aquarium with too many fish. This is because the more the number of fish, the greater will be the waste levels in the tank. This waste will not only be bad for the health of the fish, but also promote algae growth.

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