Getting rid of skunks is quite easy if you follow some of these simple tips given below. To know how to get rid of skunks, read on.

How To Get Rid Of Skunks

Skunks are small rodent-like animals, which have a distinct black and white body. They are infamous for their bad smell, which is the result of a spray they eject from behind their tail. Skunks can spray up to a distance of about five meters (16 feet), even further if it's a windy day. However, they are accurate up to three meters (10 feet) only. It is a potent tool of protection for the skunk as it burns the eyes of the enemy and causes temporary blindness. Skunks are usually omnivorous and feed on anything and everything. As a result, they are often found near human population, living in dirty empty places around. Though they are nocturnal and dig their own burrows, nothing is certain about their dwelling. Their destructive activities and unbearable smell makes them despised by everyone. To know how to get rid of skunks, read the tips given below.
Tips for Getting Rid of Skunk 
  • Skunks are nocturnal and stay hidden during the day time. Thus, flooding an area with light can potentially help in keeping them away.
  • You can use automated sprinklers to get rid of skunks. These sprinklers automatically spray on any animals, which they sense roaming in your ward.
  • Pepper spray is another tool that can be used to keep skunks at bay. They are effective but require reapplication every few days.
  • Apart from this, there are a number of commercial repellants available in the market that can be used to eliminate skunks.
  • You can even use skunk traps to capture them and finally take them away from your house. However, this requires dexterity and caution.
  • Locate the hole or opening it uses to get into the house. Fill it up with mud and leaves so that it is not able to come to your place.
  • However, while stuffing its dwelling, make sure you do not trap the skunk there permanently as it will fill your place with stench.
  • Grabbing a good opportunity, when the skunk is away, place ammonia soaked rags near or inside its burrow.
  • You can even use moth balls to repel the skunks, but make sure they remain out of the reach of your pets and children.
  • If still the problem persists, you can definitely take professional help. This means that professional skunk trappers are always available to relieve from your worries.

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