Do you bother about the side effects of skunk spray on pets? Below are some tips which will help you on the matter.

The Effects Of Skunk Spray On Pets

It is believed that people who own pets have been known to live longer and happier lives than those without them. This can be true because of the companionship, responsibility, and exercise that they provide. However, with keeping pets at home comes the responsibility of caring about them. The pets have to be fed, loved, and nurtured like any other family member. Whether one walks across the house or just move to a corner, motion is important to give it a steady cardiovascular workout. When pets move around it is humanly not possible to keep a tab on every move. Emergencies can arrive without knocking your door. There you are sitting at your table, flipping through the newspaper, or a magazine, enjoying a cup of tea at the end of the day, the household chores are complete, and kids put to bed. Suddenly your pet runs like a flash and you immediately guess what has gone wrong. The horror that this brings hits you like a heap of bricks. Your pet has been sprayed with a skunk. Your heart sinks and your are off to see a vet. This article is for that smelly reason, helping to try and figure out on how to get that skunk spray out of your pet. Read further. 
Skunk Spray Effects On Pets 
  • A pet sprayed in the mouth or face by a skunk could encounter some serious medical issues. It is not dangerous but bothersome for pets. More often, it is a huge smelly problem and nothing more.
  • When you are securing your pet, give it a quick look to see if they have been sprayed in the mouth, face, and eyes. Also, give it a systematic checkup to see if they have been scratched or bitten. Some skunk carry rabies while most of them do not.
  • When you are making frantic calls, and deciding what to do, make sure your pet is secured and not running around in a panic mode. It will certainly help you to do the needful effectively.
  • The effects of skunk spray in the face can cause temporary blindness or a brief loss of smell. The smell is very much there it is just plagued with the skunk musk. The pet might experience diarrhea or nausea or appear to be disoriented.
  • There are times when a pet has been sprayed in the mouth, and left untreated or checked by a vet and still turns out to be fine.
  • Sometimes on rare occasions, untreated pets may become serious and might require emergency treatment. They may suffer from loss of liver function, anemia, or even death. It is best to have a thorough checkup with the vet in case of skunk spray.
  • If your pet has been sprayed in the face, mouth or eyes area and displays the symptoms of nausea, diarrohea etc, see your vet right away. If your vet is not available, find an emergency vet clinic.
  • Lastly do not panic, it may just turn out to be a temporary smelly inconvenience. However, it is always better to do a checkup than keep guessing about it. It’s better to be cautious and on safer side.

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