Worried about a spray paint stain over the concrete? Removing spray paint stain can be easy, if you know the right technique. Read on to learn the tips on how to remove spray paint from concrete.

How To Remove Spray Paint From Concrete

Are you irritated and annoyed with paint marks on your concrete pathway? If yes, then this article is worth reading. Whether it is an experiment result of a kid with an old bottle of spray paint or an act of vandalism, paint marks etched on the concrete needs to be removed to maintain its natural beauty and exquisiteness. In case you have been worrying a lot about the spray paint marks on your concrete lately, here’s good news for you. There are many techniques that one can use to scrub off and wash away the spray paint stain from the concrete floor. This article provides you with tips for removing spray paint from concrete, without incurring much investment. Just follow the tips and you can surely do away with that huge patch of spray paint from your concrete floor.
Tips For Removing Spray Paint From Concrete
Preliminary Techniques
Do not rush to rent a sandblaster or purchase caustic stripping chemicals. Examine the paint stain and determine its nature - temporary or permanent. If the spray paint is fresh or washable, a garden hose with a strong spray nozzle is enough to remove the paint from your concrete floor. In case of left over paint, use a stiff plastic brush to scrub it out. However for a more stubborn paint, following the below techniques may help.
Paint Thinner
A paint thinner can prove to be effective over the sprayed area. Pour the paint thinner over the sprayed area and allow the area to soak for about half an hour. Later, scrub off the paint with a hard brush, to remove the paint from the floor.
Chemical Strippers
Chemical strippers can also be used to remove a spray paint mark from your concrete floor or path way. Pour the chemical stripping product over the sprayed area or apply it with a brush. The chemical stripper will act as a solvent and break down the spray paint, thereby making it easy to scrape away the paint. Chemical strippers are far more effective on relatively smooth concrete surfaces. However, they are beneficial in case of clearing spray paint from deep holes and crevices as well. Use a natural-bristle brush to apply the chemical stripper, as the plastic bristle brush may get dissolved in the chemical stripper.
Household Products
You can even remove the stains of a spray paint by using simple household products. Spray an oven cleaner on the paint spot and let it set for 15 minutes, before you scrub the area with a wire brush. Any other soft scrubbing cleanser can also be used to scrub off the spray paint stain.
Pressure Washer
A pressure washer can also be used to wash out the stain from your concrete pathway. Set the power level on 4,000 lb per square inch (PSI) for an effective result. Secure the tube nozzle tightly to the washer and use high pressure spray to remove spray paint.
Gel Paint Removers
Gel paint removers are often quoted as the best technique for removing spray paint from the concrete. For the purpose, you can use a soy based gel stripper. Apply it all over the concrete that is stained and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. Thereafter, scrub the area. These gels help in peeling the paint as opposed to breaking the paint down. Unlike chemical strippers, gel paint removers do not cause any pits or blotches.
Blast It Off
While painting your walls, you might notice that the paint is falling over your concrete pathway. You can rent an industrial sandblaster and use fine-grit sand to blast out the deeply embedded spray paint from crevices and cracks. Make sure that you wear a good respirator, while operating the machine, as the sandblasting often leads to breathing hazard. Also, it is advisable to wear long sleeves, long pants and protective goggles.

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