Give your home a rich historic look. Read more to know about unique medieval decor.

Unique Medieval Decoration Ideas

As the old saying goes, “A man’s home is his castle.” Medieval décor strives to make this saying a reality. If you have sense of history and want to give your house a historic feel then medieval décor should be your pick. If you are looking for romantic drama then too your pick can be medieval home décor. This style automatically invokes the images of large castles, knights, fairy tales and royalty. Colorful rich fabrics, black iron ornaments, intrinsic pattern of tapestries are some of the key characteristics of medieval home décor. Unique medieval decor can give you a chance to re-create life from the Middle Ages. Create beautifully decorated medieval style home, just according your taste with a few unique ideas.  
Unique Medieval Décor 
  • Furnish your home with wood or metal furniture. Choose the one, which is covered with heavy fabric such as tapestry and brocade. Medieval furniture has a more bulky look than a decorative and stylish look. You can choose from dark stain to finish pine furniture. Widely used medieval furniture is benches, stools, and chests made of oak. You can use throws and slip covers to conceal your modern style sofas. This will make them blend well with your medieval décor. You can choose wrought iron items for your décor. Use them alone or in combination with wooden pieces.
  • A great lightening effect is the key feature of a medieval décor. You can’t hang burning torches on the wall to make your medieval décor just perfect. But you can create the same effect by using light sconces. You can also opt for lanterns, which will give your home décor a perfect medieval look.
  • Mirrors look simply great, wherever you place them. But they play an important role in giving touch to your medieval décor. With their wide frames and pointed arches, mirrors can create a focal point in a room. Place mirrors on a wall at the end of hallway over a fireplace mantle and give your room a medieval touch.
  • A gleaming sword is one of the most striking medieval images. Your medieval décor is incomplete without that shining sword. Replicas of vintage sword are easy to find and when displayed in room, catch attention of all. Replica of legendary swords like Excalibur can make magnificent addition to your medieval décor. You can also opt for replica of other weaponry like stunning shields, complete suits of armor, daggers, spears, axes, shields, and helmets.
  • Your medieval décor is incomplete without statues of knights! From big to small, a knight statue can add style to your centre table!
  • Wall tapestries are an important part of unique medieval décor. Usually, they are made of woven or velvet fabric, hung on wooden or metal rods. You can also use rugs to give a great look to your wall tapestry. Wallpapers also play an important role in defining your medieval décor. You can give your wall a look of stone, rock or brick wall with detailed wallpaper patterns. These designs and patterns will give a realistic look to your medieval décor.
  • Choose Persian style rugs with scenes of knights and kings, and in colors of red, gold, and blacks. This will complete your medieval look.
  • You can add an antique feel to your medieval home décor by picking some of the stylish, unique, and attractive door knockers.

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