Painting wallpaper borders can add color, design and flair to your simple and bare room. Explore this article to find ideas on how to paint a wallpaper border.

How To Paint Wallpaper Borders

Looking at the same wallpaper every day can make you feel tired and bored, even though you have personally designed the room. A simple way to add color and character to your room is to paint borders around those wallpapers in an interesting and unique manner. Purchasing wallpaper borders is inexpensive, as compared to painting the entire wall, for a new look. The best part about wallpaper borders is that they add a personal decorative touch to your room, without altering its original charm. Get hold of some sheets of wallpaper and try out something truly unique by creating different styles and patterns. Add brightness and color to your kids’ room and play area by making playful borders using cookie cutter or give a uniform and comfortable feel to dens and living room, by cutting designs and shapes from potatoes. For more ideas and tips on painting wallpaper borders, go through the lines below.
Wallpaper Border Painting Ideas
Cookie Cutter Borders
  • Measure and mark the wallpaper border. You can also do the borders free-hand to add color and playfulness to the room.
  • Trace along the cookie cutter with a pencil or marking tool, such that it leaves a visible mark on the area you would be painting.
  • Trace along the border, until you have completed the entire wallpaper area to be painted.
  • Now, paint the shapes that you have traced using acrylic paints and flat craft paintbrushes.
  • For a more creative look, you can outline each shape with a different color and paint it with another color.
  • While painting kids’ bedroom ceiling, you can make use of glow in the dark paints to paint stars, moon, sun and other shapes.
  • Combine different cookie cutter shapes like hearts, hands and gingerbread men for a pleasant touch in a nursery room.
Potato Print Borders
  • Measure your wallpaper border and mark it.
  • Slice a potato in two halves and wash it under warm water thoroughly. Thereafter, dry on paper towels.
  • Draw out a design, initials or any item of your choice on the flat edge of the potato using a craft pen or felt-tip pen.
  • Using an exacto or craft knife, cut out the design on the potato.
  • Pour in some paint onto a flat bottomed dish like a glass pie pan or paint lid.
  • Dip the potato design into the paint gently such that the design is completely immersed in paint.
  • Stamp the border with the potato with firm and even pressure. Ensure that there is equal amount of paint on the potato every time you make a stamp on the wall.
  • For intricate designs, use stencils to trace them on the potatoes.
Designer Sponge Paint Borders
  • Mark the wallpaper border to be painted.
  • Soak a sponge in warm water and squeeze so that it remains only slightly damp.
  • Draw out a design on the sponge with a pen. You can draw shapes, initials or multi-level patterns.
  • Using a craft knife or scissors, carefully cut out the design from the sponge.
  • Pour some paint on a shallow dish like a pie plate or paint cover.
  • Push the sponge into the paint gently and with a firm hand, push the sponge against the wall in an even manner.
  • Repeat around the entire border, until you have reached the desired appearance.
  • Cut different shapes from the sponges using a cookie cutter to paint children’s room, bathrooms or play areas.
  • Use sponges with different textures to create a color balance in the room.

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