If you are a cleanliness buff, then with a shedding dog around, you would surely be missing the spick-and-span look of your home. Read on to get information on non-shedding dog breeds.

Non Shedding Dogs

Dogs are a lovely pet to have around the home, but know for sure that they don’t come without maintenance problems. One such problem is that of shedding. There are various dogs that shed a lot of hair in their shedding season, leading to a mess of hair all around your home sweet home. For those who are allergic to pet dander and their hair, owning a dog can be a serious issue, despite their profound love for the canine companion. If you are one amongst those who love dogs but are not able to own the pet due to this problem, here is a respite. There are hypoallergenic dogs breed, which cause less occurrence of allergic reactions, making it possible for you to own a pet. Non-shedding dogs are the breed of dogs getting popular among the dog lovers. This article will elucidate on the different breeds of non-shedding dogs just for you.
Non Shedding Dogs Breed
Affenpinscher or “monkey-dogs” belong to the toy breed family. This is the right breed of dog for those who don’t like the mess created due to shedding. However, if you are allergic to dander, then it would be better to test your tolerance before purchasing this breed of dog.
Havanese dogs are similar to other non-shedding breed of dogs. Though they don’t leave a mess of hair on furniture, these dogs are susceptible to shedding a little amount of hair like any other counterpart.
Italian Greyhound
Italian Greyhound is another member of the toy breed of dogs that is considered non-shedding. However, such dogs might release little bit of dander. If you have a member in the house suffering with allergy, it is better to test the tolerance with a few visits, before buying the canine companion.
American Hairless Terrier
People suffering with allergies to pet dander have success owning this breed of dog. Other than whiskers and eye brows, this dog is completely free from body hair. The dog comes in three sizes - toy, miniature and standard.
West Highland White Terrier
These are a medium-sized dog from the terrier family. They do have small amount of shedding and dander. One who suffers from allergy of any kind should test their tolerance level before going in to purchase this breed.
Bichon Frise
Bichon Frise is another dog in the toy breed family. These dogs possess a thick coat of wavy hair, but have no undercoat. Even though they are virtually hypoallergenic, they carry few inherent health problems. They get along well with other pets.
Scottish Terriers
Scottish Terriers fall in the same category as West Highland White Terries. If you are looking for a medium-sized dog without much of a mess on your furniture, a Scottie may be right choice.
Brussels Griffon
This is also a toy breed family dog. Most of the rough coated griffons are non-shedders, but dogs with any other coat type do not come with this quality. The smooth coat varieties of this breed do shed seasonally.
Cairn Terrier
Cairns are another breed of non-shedding dogs from the terrier group. They are well known to be very friendly with children. They are the breed of dog with minimal maintenance requirements.
Chinese Crested - Hairless and Powder-puff
Both these varieties of Chinese Crested shed very little hair. These two breeds get along well with the other pets and have a good and calm temperament towards a breeder chosen for them. They have very few health related issues and can be a wonderful pet.
Maltese are dogs which require high maintenance. They are from the toy breed. They are very fragile and may not fit for each and every household.

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