A dog, when sick, normally signals its ill health with an unusual behavior and some common symptoms. If you are wondering how to tell if your dog is sick, read on this article.

How To Tell If Your Dog Is Sick

Just like humans, a dog’s normal body temperature should stay within a certain stipulated range. Too high or too low temperature indicates that something is wrong with your dog and that it should be taken to the veterinarian at the earliest. Also, if your dog gets cuddly, you need to be careful and alert about its health, as it is likely to suffer from different diseases and health problems. Though dogs signal their illness with an unusual behavior, a little bit of observation can help you identify the symptoms and diagnose the ailment. Given here are some symptoms that can indicate an illness in your dog. In case your canine companion shows any of these signs, it is best advised to visit the vet, so that correct diagnosis can be made and your dog be treated accordingly. Read on further to find the different symptoms.
Common Illness Symptoms Of A Dog
Though vomiting can be caused due to food intolerance, it can signal some severe illnesses or poisoning. Take your dog to the vet if vomiting lasts for more than a day. In case your dog has consumed something toxic, please visit the vet immediately.
When a dog has eaten something that his stomach is not ready to accept, he is likely to show signs of diarrhea. It can also indicate the presence of parasites or diseases that can be serious for your pet. If diarrhea continues for several days or he passes feces with blood or mucus, consult a vet immediately.
Bloody Urine
If your dog passes blood along with urine, he should be taken to the vet right away. In case there is no blood, but you notice that your dog is straining to urinate or urinates in the house or in unusual places, he is likely to suffer from urinary infection. Discolored urine or cloudy urine are also signs of kidney or bladder infection.
Lethargy & Over-Exuberance
Lethargy is one of the common symptoms that dogs display when they are unwell. A sick dog usually turns weak, sleeps more often and shows less interest in daily activities. On the other hand, over exuberance or heightened enthusiasm is also one of the symptoms of a sick dog. A hyperactive dog that is more agitated than usual is not a good sign.
Other Common Symptoms 
  • If you find your dog drinking large quantities of water, he is likely to have diabetes or kidney disease.
  • A dog losing weight is also a sign of sickness. This indicates lack of appetite and a number of diseases, ranging from parasites to diabetes or cancer.
  • A healthy dog’s nose should be cold and wet. Hence, a dry and warm nose is a sign of an illness. A dry nose can be result of dehydration or anything more serious.
  • Ideally, your dog’s gums should be pink. However, if you find any discoloration in the gums or if they turn red, this is a sign that your dog is sick and suffering from gum disease.
  • Bad breath also indicates gum disease or tooth decay, but other problems like diabetes or metabolism issues can also indicated.
  • A dog finding difficulty in breathing is an alarm of asthma, cancer or a heart condition.
  • When your dog’s coughing gets chronic, it is an indication of tracheal irritation, lung edema, pneumonia, heart disease or even cancer.
  • Facing difficulty in walking is indicative of a dog’s ill health. Limping or improper balance is another symptom which he might show. 

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