Your adorable kitten will need you most when it is teething. Here’s how you can help it deal with teething problems.

Tips For Dealing With Kitten Teething

Remember how difficult it was for you, not to mention your child too, when you were teething. Young children, especially boy children, feel extreme pain when they are teething, making those few crucial months of growing up extremely painful for them. At least your child is capable of showing the pain in one way or the other – if too young to speak, the child can at least cry. Imagine having to see a little kitten go through the pain of growing up and teething. Since it is incapable of showing its pain, your little kitty might whine or try to chew anything and everything it can set its eyes on. It would do you good, if you consult the vet about how to deal with the kitten’s teething time. Meanwhile, you could follow the below mentioned steps to help your kitten through teething.
Dealing With Kitten’s Teething 
Here are some ways in which we can help a kitten go through a difficult period like teething:
Chew Kitty 
In cats, their adult teeth are formed between the age of three and six months and the process can prove to be very irksome for the kitten. At this time, your kitten may increasingly feel the need to bite on something and giving it a rubber or plastic object to chew on is an excellent way to reduce the discomfort. The market is flooded with special teething toys available for kittens; if you have children in the house who have outgrown their toys, you could also use them for your kitten.
Vet For The Cat 
Cats often face a lot of difficulty swallowing during this period when their teeth are developing and as a result, they may refuse to eat. Take it to the veterinary physician as fast as you can and get his advice on what is to be done. They may suggest application of specialized gels or powders on the gums, which can help to ease the pain and discomfort.
Homeo Kitty 
There are homeopathic medicines available in all homeopathy drugstores, in the form of granules, which can help to keep your pet calm and assist it in eating as normally as possible. This will ensure that it does not go round biting on other things in the house. The discomfort is caused by the breaking of the skin on the gums to allow the teeth to emerge, and could cause your cat to act abnormally. Once this skin breaks, the behavior will return to normal.
Brush Away 
Since your kitty has already reached teething time, this is the best time to train your cat to accept a regime of dental or oral hygiene. Get it to accept your brushing its teeth regularly and try to mold it in regular practice so that there is no need for you to take it to the vet for any oral problem. This process of brushing provides the cat some relief from its sore gums and reduces the pain.

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