By opting for artificial turf, you save time, energy, and money! Find out how to buy artificial turf for home.

How To Buy Artificial Turf For Your Home

As a homemaker, there are plenty of things to keep you busy! The last thing you would like to worry about is maintaining your lawn. Imagine having a green lawn all year long with worrying about mowing, watering, keeping it free from insects and pests. Now imagine a green lawn minus worry and work. Artificial turf is an attractive and maintenance free option over a natural grass lawn. Artificial turf is ideal for those who want to relax in lawns on weekends, but don’t want to put in much effort in maintaining it. In 1960s, synthetic grass was introduced for sports team but the ease of maintenance made it a popular option for residential landscaping too. Just like carpet, artificial turf rolls on to your lawn, making it look simply beautiful! Artificial turf is ideal for holiday homes, where maintaining real grass is just not feasible. It’s also best suited for areas around swimming pool and on roof gardens. By opting for artificial turf, you save time, energy, and money! So if you are planning to buy artificial turf, here are some pointers which will help you in buying the one for your house. 
Buying Artificial Turf For Home 
Artificial turf is used for many types of surfaces. You can place artificial turf in football and soccer field, dugouts, mounds, lawns, patios and also other areas at home, where you would like to give grass-like look without planting grass. The first important idea is to identify the purpose of buying an artificial turf. If you are buying for home, then you need to know the area of the lawn or a portion of the room, where you want to put the turf for visual appeal. Your purpose will help you in selecting the best artificial turf for your home.
Before buying artificial turf for your home, it is important to know advantages and disadvantages of artificial turf. It also helps you to know, whether it’s suitable for your home or not. 
  • Artificial turf can reduce the maintenance cost related to maintenance of lawn grass. With artificial turf, there is no need for pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides.
  • You can conserve water and save money by using artificial turf.
  • Rains and sudden climate change don’t become an issue while using artificial fields. Artificial turfs don’t become waterlogged or muddy.
  • There is minimal upkeep required with artificial turf. No mowing required. 
  • Expensive Initial investment
  • Heat absorbing properties of an artificial turf makes it difficult to walk or play on it in hot weather. 
How To Buy 
  • The first step is to figure out the amount of artificial turf you will need. Measure the area of your lawn with the help of measuring tape. To obtain area of certain sections, multiply length with width. Add all section areas to obtain total area of the lawn for which you will need the turf.
  • Before buying artificial turf, it’s important to familiarize yourself with different types of artificial turf. Astro turf or Field turf is generally used in the sports field to give the feel of real grass. Field turfs are good option for sport teams or large installation projects. Whereas for home, artificial turf should be your pick. Artificial turfs are produced for residential purpose only. They might be less durable in comparison to field turf as they are manufactured keeping in mind the visual appeal. Most retailers offer grass-like and carpet-like pieces. Grass-like turf has synthetic blades of grass whereas carpet-like pieces will have foam padding.
  • Choose between infill and no-infill for artificial turf. Infill artificial turf has a natural feel and uses sand to make the synthetic grass stand up. They make a perfect cushion like surface for kids to play. If you are buying artificial turf for visual purpose, then no-infill should be your choice. It is best to know your need and purpose before buying an artificial turf.
  • To get the best deal, it's important to search for artificial turf prices and installation quotes on the internet. You will find many websites with attractive offers on artificial turf. You can also call landscaping company of your area and check out the prices of artificial turf and the installation fee. Review the pricing options and the free samples, and go for the best deal offered!
  • You can save money by using overstock pieces or used pieces of artificial turf. Some retailers sell out artificial turf pieces earlier used in large field or school grounds or stadiums. They might have some wear and tear but will be good enough to be reused in fields. 

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