For potecting you and your home from burglars, you have to be on alert at all times. Explore this article and find tips on burglar proofing your home.

Protecting Your Home From Burglars

If you are trying to protect your home from the members of Ocean’s Eleven,Twelve or even Thirteen, then the only way to do it is to let them do it once. Only after that will you be able to sleep in peace. For your comfort, burglars like ocean’s ilk hardly exist and even if they do, they never look below robbing banks and casinos. However, you must prepare yourself to ward off their lesser brothers. And they are numerous, sadly, and even persistent. Keeping burglars at bay can give you sleepless nights, if no proper precautions are taken. Any house can be burgled, even those that are armed to the teeth with burglar alarms. This does not mean that you throw up your hands. Use your wits and the burglars will stay away from your house, as a snake from a mongoose. In your quest for burglar proofing your home, take care not to make it a fortress that hinders your very movement. Read the article below to know all about protecting your home from burglars.
Burglar Proofing Your Home
Use Burglar Alarms
This is the most established way of burglar proofing your house. However, cheap burglar alarms are of no use, as they can be easily dismantled. While installing burglar alarms, it is better to consult professional security experts.
Seal Windows & Doors
Most break-ins happen through windows and doors and so, the sturdier the doors and windows, the better it is for you. Don’t leave any space between them, even that much through which a knife can be inserted. If the windows are of glass, build an elaborate grill to protect the space. The latches should also be sturdy.
Use Lighting
Always keep an outdoor light on, so that the chances of hiding in the dark are remote. Lighting the outdoors will also help you to keep a watch, without going out.
Never Give Deserted Look 
If you are away from home, make sure that your house does not end up having a deserted look. You can leave some drapes apart and also keep some of the lights on. Apart from that, ask the delivery boy not to drop the newspaper at your doorstep.
Employ Security
If you can employ private security, then it’s well and good. In case you can’t do that, it is advisable to contact your local police station and ask the officer to go on a round of your area regularly. However, do the latter only when you are going out for extended periods.
Set Timers
Another way is to keep burglars at bay is to install a timer to your TV and some of the lights in the house. Set the time so that they turn on at frequent intervals. This will scare away the burglars, by making them believe that the house is occupied.
Get A Dog
A man’s best friend - a dog - is also his excellent protector. For protection sake, buy a French mastiff or a Bloodhound, instead of a Dachshund or Chihuahua. The look of the dog should be such that it kills any intention on the part of the burglars to rob your house.

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