Leaving your dog home alone calls for several adjustments on your and your dog’s behalf, most importantly. Read the article to find tips on how to help home alone dogs.

Help For Home Alone Dogs

You are not the only one who experiences loneliness and separation distress. Dogs too get bored and go through depression when left alone. This is evident from the shredded papers and couch cushions that you notice when you return back home. Probably, this is the only way your dog can express its feelings. In case your house is in a similar state, do not go ahead with scolding or yelling at your furry friend. Instead, look out for options that can help alleviate loneliness and separation anxiety, faced by your canine companion, from occurring again. Given here are some tips that will assist you in leaving your dog home alone and making separation easy for you as well as your dog. Read on further to know how.
Tips For Leaving Your Dog Home Alone
Create an Indoor Den
Do not leave your dog outdoors as it is sure to create problems for the neighbours. Also, you cannot protect it from bad weather that can take place suddenly. Hence, use a crate so that you or any dog taker can come and let it out during the day. Make sure not to leave the dog in a crate for more than 4 hours. In case there is no one at home, use a gate to allow the dog to see the outside world. Arrange for the dog’s toilet in the farthest area of the room using a doggy door to the outside or newspapers, pads or dog litter tray.
Create a Haven
If your dog is still a puppy, do not leave it open to run across the house. On the other hand, a bored dog can be destructive, harming itself by chewing or swallowing dangerous objects. Hence, leave your dog with its favorite blanket, toy and comfortable bed in the crate or room. This way, the dog will be engaged during the day and be able to take a comfortable nap as well.
Doggie Daycare & Dog Walkers
A common suggestion for home alone dogs is the daycare. However, most dogs do not enjoy the company of their fellows and most people are just not able to afford the fees of the daycare. You can opt for a dog walker during the lunch time. Your dog will highly appreciate this. This is important since most dogs are capable of holding their urine and feces all day long and doing so can lead to urinary tract infections. Hence, a professional walker is a must. In case you cannot afford one, ask one of your friends to do this favor for you.
Create Pleasant Sounds  
Leave on some music for your dog so that the quiet house does not haunt it time and again. You can put on the radio, TV or CD player. Some owners even record their own voice and leave it on for the entire day. Ensure that the music you play should be soothing. Avoid heavy metal bands by all chance.
Create Sustenance
Do not leave food outside as bored dogs would simply end up overeating. However, you should have plenty of water available for the dog. Leave one or two bowls of water at their disposal.
Create Unemotional Leaving & Return
Do not create a fuss when you leave and come back home. Spend enough time with your dog in the morning, before you leave. You can play to tire it out or take it to the potty. Similarly, when you are back in the evening, do not acknowledge it immediately. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes and then proceed.

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