Beautiful, exotic and timeless, Hawaiian jewelry is every woman’s most prized asset. Know how to take care of it by going down the following tips on how to clean Hawaiian jewelry.

How To Clean Hawaiian Jewelry

A woman’s obsession with jewelry is as old as time itself and has remained as the most adored feature of the couture for ages now. There is something about jewelry that makes every woman so fanatic. From dazzling diamonds to glimmering gold to more exotic ivory, corals and shells, women just can’t help but go gaga over everything rare, precious, timeless and natural. Hawaiian jewelry is one such antique wear that has adorned a woman’s beauty for ages on and has found an inestimable esteem among her dainty indulgences. Essentially made of black jet stone or enamel, Hawaiian jewelry unmistakably bears a connection to nature and has simulated flamboyant floral and other natural designs with élan. Thus, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that a piece of Hawaiian jewelry is an asset to every woman and makes for a timeless statement. If your collection boasts of a timeless piece of the exotic Hawaiian jewelry, it would only be wise that you care for your ornament properly. Hawaiian jewelry is delicate and need gentle, timely care to stay fresh and great for years on. Here are some easy tips on how to clean your Hawaiian jewelry. Read on to know more on how to upkeep your precious Hawaiian assets.
Tips For Cleaning Your Hawaiian Jewelry
  • Jewelry has forever been a woman’s most prized possession and when it comes to talking of something as regal and rare as Hawaiian jewelry, the delight just doubles up. Hawaiian jewelry is a priceless addition to every woman’s asset and a good care will only assure that your favorite piece of jewelry stays pristine and slick for long. To clean your delicate Hawaiian gold, just get hold of a jewelry cleaning cloth, specially meant for the purpose. The tender fabric of this cloth is especially gentle against the fragile metal of your jewelry and cuts down chances of any scratch or damage to occur during the cleaning process.
  • To keep your Hawaiian jewelry in shape and lasting for long, it is important to buff your favorite neckpiece or bracelet once in every few weeks. Using the clean cloth, gently polish the surface. You can also use the same cloth to wipe out all kinds of stains and tarnish from your jewelry.
  • For more delicate pearl pieces, it would be best to stay away from soapy solutions and every other kind of harsh chemical. To clean your Hawaiian pearl jewelry, splash on some mirror cleaning solution on the piece and wipe it off with delicate, dry cotton. Don’t forget to rinse it under cool water and pat it dry before storing it in a velvet or satin lined box.
  • You can also use ultrasonic cleaner to keep your Hawaiian jewelry shining on for long. You can check out for it at any jewelry store. Use high-frequency vibration and sound to clean your jewelry and keep it going for long.
  • Never use ammonia, toothpaste or even dishwashing detergents to clean your Hawaiian jewelry. The harsh chemicals contents in it will only strip it off its original sheen. Gentle baby soap and an old toothbrush is enough to keep your jewelry spick and span. Just clean your jewelry in lukewarm soapy water and then rinse it under cool water. Avoid harsh brushing to avoid abrasion on your favorite piece.
Additional Tips
  • Never drench your jewelry in any kind of solution, as it may scathe its shine.
  • Never use tissue or paper towels to clean your jewelry, as it might tarnish its sheen.
  • Always store your jewelry in separate cases to avoid abrasion.

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