Strong, agile and hard working best describe Tenterfield Terrier dogs. Go through the article to explore information on Tenterfield Terrier dog breed.

Tenterfield Terrier Dogs

Breed: Terrier
Height: 10-12 inches
Weight: 7-10 lb
Coat Type: Short and smooth
The Tenterfield Terrier is a small size and lightweight breed, similar to Miniature Fox Terriers and Rat Terriers. Originally originated from England, the dogs got bred to their present form in Australia. The breed is a useful working dog and a wonderful companion. Tenterfield Terriers are strong and agile, with intelligence and maturity par excellence. These dogs love to exercise and require their daily quota of long walks and other running and fetching exercises. They can get destructive and noisy, if they get bored; therefore it is important on part of the owner to provide the dog with sufficient exercise and training every day. If trained and socialized well, the dogs can do well with children and other pets, provided they are authoritative in nature. This article provides you with detailed information on Tenterfield Terrier dog breed.
The Tenterfield Terrier breed originated by crossing the Standard Fox Terrier with the Manchester Black and Tan or English Toy Terriers. At the later stage, Whippet was also introduced to the breeding. Though the breed originated in England in 1800’s, it adopted its present form from Australia. This fact makes the breed the only true Australian dog. Tenterfield Terriers are sometimes confused with Jack Russell Terriers.
The breed possesses perfectly balanced head and neck. The head is medium sized, in proportion to the body and is slightly arched between the ears. The tail is preferably docked. Tenterfield Terriers generally come with black nose. The dark eyes are not large, protruding or round, but slightly oval in shape with a keen expression. The dogs have V-shaped ears with rounded tips, which are set high on the outer edge of the skull and stand erect. They have strong jaws with full definition and scissor bite. The neck is strong and of good length, allowing the dog to carry its head proudly. The shoulders are sloped back and not too heavily muscled. The chest of a Tenterfield Terrier is of moderate width and reaches in depth to the level of the elbows. The forelegs are made up of strong round bone, maintaining with the size of the dog. The dog generally has a short and compact body with powerful loins. The coat color is usually white with black, liver and tan markings in different tones.
The Tenterfield Terrier is a strong, agile and active working terrier with great versatility. Tenterfield Terriers are also fit as home dogs. They love to sleep, curled up on the laps of their owner. The breed can prove out to be a perfect companion for all the people in the family, especially children. The dogs portray a loving, bright, happy and confident nature with an eagerness to learn. They are fearless, lively, clever, independent, bold and very intelligent with alert expressions, which make their training easy.
Genetic Disease
This particular breed of terriers is a robust one with very little health issues. All that you need to do to keep your Tenterfield Terrier strong and healthy is feed it with good quality dog food.
The Tenterfield Terrier is a wash and wear breed of dog with very little maintenance requirement. The owner needs to just trim the toenails from time to time, keep the teeth clean. Brush the dog occasionally to remove loose hair. Bath the dog only when necessary.

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