Though small in size, Cesky terriers make great watchdogs and guard dogs. Explore this article to know about the Cesky terrier dog breed.

Cesky Terrier Dogs

Breed: Gun dog
Height: 10-13 inches
Weight: 13-23 pounds
Coat Type: Long and silky
Short-legged and moderately long, Cesky terrier is a small terrier that originated in Czechoslovakia. Also known as Bohemian terrier, Czech terrier and Cesky terier, this breed is a cross between a Scottish terrier and a Sealyham terrier. The Cesky terrier is one of the six most rare dog breeds in the world. The dog is a good hunting, tracking, watch and guard dog. It is balanced, non-aggressive and pleasant, always ready to give chase to something of interest. It gets along well with people of all ages and blend well with other pets as well. Read through the following lines to know more about the Cesky terrier dog breed.
The Cesky terrier breed is known to have originated in Czechoslovakia. A relatively new breed, it is the outcome of a cross between Sealyham and Scottish terriers. The Dandie Dinmont is also known to be used for developing this breed. A Czechoslovakian breeder named Frantisek Horak is the developer of Cesky terrier, who also got it recognized by Fédération Cynologique Internationale in 1963. In 1987, the breed was imported to USA. By 1993, there were only 150 such dogs in USA and even till today, the number of these dogs is few. However, the breed is quickly gaining popularity in Europe, UK, Australia, and Canada.
Small but sturdy, Cesky terrier is rectangular, with short legs, drop-ears, long coat and a big heart. The dog has a wedge-shaped head, with bushy beard, moustache and eyebrows. The nasal bridge is straight, with a small stop. The grey colored Cesky terrier has a black nose, while the brown one has a liver-colored nose. It has medium-sized, almond-shaped eyes. The grey colored dog has dark brown eyes, while brown colored has light brown eyes. The triangular ears are high-set and fold forward, close to the head. The long coat is usually silky and wavy. The dog can be found in various shades of grey-blue, with tan, grey, white, yellow or light coffee markings.
Cesky terrier is a calm, balanced, non-aggressive, pleasant and cheerful companion. Patient, playful and sporty, the dog is very easy to train and anxious to please its owners. Since it is sweet and joyful, it makes a good buddy for children. Brave, loyal, obedient, courageous and intelligent, this breed gets along well with other dogs and pets in the household. It makes a great attentive and threatening house guard. Since the dog is active in a moderately active indoors, it can easily adjust to apartment life and does not necessarily require a yard. Though it is small, it makes a great jogging companion.
Genetic Diseases
The Cesky terrier is generally healthy, but is known to suffer from Scotty Cramp syndrome, also called Wobbly Scottie, which causes the dog to walk in an awkward movement. But, this problem is neither painful, nor life threatening.
Cesky terrier requires regular trimming with hair on the stomach and legs left long. The hair around the face should also be left long, to form moustache, beard and eyebrows. Pet dogs can be trimmed four times a year, while show dogs need more frequent grooming. This breed should be clipped using electric clippers, rather than stripping. The long hair should be brushed and combed twice a week, to prevent tangles.

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