Chilean Fox Terrier, from Chile, was produced from the crossbreeding of Fox Terrier and Native American dogs. Read on to know all about Chilean Fox Terrier dog breed.

Chilean Fox Terrier Dogs

Breed: Toy Fox Terrier
Height: Male: 12-15 inches, Female: 11-14 inches
Weight: Male: 6-8 kg, Female: 5-7 kg
Coat Type: Short and white
One of the healthiest and cleanest dog breeds, Chilean Fox Terrier is also known as Ratonero (rat hunter) or Chilean Rat Terrier. It is a new race and a more modern version of the Fox Terrier. Chilean Fox Terrier breed is in existence since 1870, but it was standardized in the late 1990s. Though many Chilean Fox Terrier exhibitions are held in Chile, the breed is still not internationally recognized. Presently, the breed is sold through internet pages across Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina and other South American countries. Condorito’s dog, from the comic ‘Condorito’, is a famous Chilean Fox Terrier from Washington. Read on further to know all about the Chilean Fox Terrier dog breed.
Chilean Fox Terrier has been in existence since 1870. It was standardized for international recognition in the late 1990s. However, the recognition has not come till now. The dog was formed by cross breeding a Fox Terrier from the 19th century with a Native American dog. The breed came to be known in the public only when it moved to the urban areas, along with Chileans who began migrating from the countryside to the city. Here, they were largely used for killing rats that had created a rage in the metropolitan regions. It was due to this activity of this breed that earned him the nickname Ratonero. In the recent times in 2004, some fans and breeders initiated to get this dog breed recognized and thus, promoted it through Gremial de Criadores y Expositores de Perros de Chile. Later in the year 2007, the National Chilean Terrier Club was established, thereby giving due recognition to the breed and working on its widespread adaptation.
This medium-sized dog is short-haired and has a grey undercoat. The well-structured body is dense and displays a square shape, with curved lines defined clearly. The white cover coat can be seen having tan and black spots. The triangular shaped head broadens at the base and starts thinning as it graduates towards the muzzle. Its head is triangular if viewed from the top, broad at its base and thinning towards the tip of the muzzle. The skull is rounded with almost flat forehead. The lips are clean and tight, while the cheeks are thin and clean. The neck of the dog is slightly curved and is thicker in case of males. Chilean Fox Terrier has short, firm and strongly muscled loin with slightly curved underline and belly. The dog has wide, well developed and muscled croup with visible inclination. It has ears set up high, which fall upwards to form the shape of a “V”. The dog has well-developed, scissor-bite teeth. The small, almond-shaped eyes are placed strategically, with a moderate separation in the middle. Usually, it has an all-white (or mostly white) coat covering the body, with black and tan zones making up the head and ears, a distinct feature of the Chilean Fox Terrier. Mostly born without a tail, it tends to develop a short one in the growing years. It is also one of the healthiest and cleanest dog breeds in the world.
Chilean Fox Terrier dogs are very active, brave, and affectionate. They are pretty easy to train. They exhibit a warm, alert, and energetic behavior, making them great companions at home.
Genetic Diseases
No health problems have been documented in regard to Chilean Fox Terrier dogs.
Chilean Fox Terrier does not require much grooming, due to its short white coat. An occasional brushing is more than sufficient for the dog.

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