Brazilian terrier dog is one of the several terriers that have been descended from the combination of fox terrier with other breeds. Read on to know more about Brazilian terrier dog breed.

Brazilian Terrier Dogs

Breed: Terrier
Height: 14-16 inches
Weight: 15-20 pounds
Coat Type: Short and smooth
Brazilian terrier, also known as Fox Paulistinha and Terrier Brasileiro, is an active breed. One of the only two breeds developed in Brazil, the other being Fila Brasileiro, it is amongst the few breeds that have descended from the fox terrier. The dog is constantly on the move, running, jumping and playing. Since it is highly energetic and has a penchant for leaping and doing active tricks, it is often used in Brazilian circuses to entertain audiences. Brazilian terrier is an excellent ratter that can easily track and hunt rodents and pests that sometimes invade homes. It has strong hunting instincts and can chase anything smaller than its size. Read the following lines to know more about Brazilian terrier dog breed.
The ancestors of Brazilian terrier did not originate in Brazil. The dog was bred from English and French terriers like the Jack Russell terrier, brought to Brazil from Europe in the 19th century. Other breeds that were crossbred for developing this breed were Miniature Pinschers and large Chihuahuas. Although Brazilian terrier has existed for more than 100 years, it was registered only in 1973, since it was not much known outside Brazil. The breed is used for both pack and single hunting. While in packs, the dogs surround their prey from all directions, until the animal is exhausted.
Brazilian terrier appears similar to the fox terrier type dogs. The dog’s skull is flat and wedge-shaped, with folded ears. It has a narrow and compact chest, with well-balanced body and a docked or natural tail. The short and smooth coat is tri-colored. The body colors can be white with black, brown or blue markings above the eyes, on both sides of the muzzle, on the edge of ears and may be extended to other body areas. The head top and ears are always black, blue or brown, while the dog can have a white blaze and white marks on the font or sides of the muzzle.
Brazilian terriers are alert, active, keen, friendly, intelligent, perky and frisky. They love to play with their owners, bark and dig. They are spirited, obedient and fearless. They are loyal, can be easily trained, can be kept inside the house and make good watchdogs. They are generally kind to children and make good companions. Brazilian terriers require experienced training, along with a firm, consistent, and confident pack leader or else, they can become willful and determined. They are active indoors and do best with at least an average-sized yard. If they are not kept fruitfully occupied and well exercised, they can get restless and destructive.
Genetic Diseases
There have been no health issues regarding the Brazilian terrier.
The short coat of a Brazilian terrier requires little grooming. The dog is a medium shedder and requires occasional brushing.

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