Braque du puy is one of the oldest hunting French dogs and the tallest among the French Braque dogs. Explore this article to know more about Braque du Puy dogs.

Braque du Puy Dogs

Breed: Hunting
Height: 25-27 inches
Weight: 45-65 pounds
Coat Type: Short and fine
Braque du Puy, also known as du puy pointer, is a high spirited and very lovable gun dog. One of the oldest hunting dogs, the Braque du Puy originated in France. It is the tallest dog among the French Braque dogs, others including Braque D'Auvergne, the Braque D'Ariege, Braque du Borbonnais, and Braque St. Germain. It serves as an excellent hunting dog over wide-open terrain and plain areas. A fast, enthusiastic and obedient dog, Braque du Puy is a good-looking and intelligent breed. Read through the following lines to know more about the Braque du Puy dog breed.
The Braque du Puy breed was originated in the 1800s in Poitou, a province in west-central France. It was bred for hunting in the lowlands. The province was famous for marshlands, thus clearly indicating why a low land hunting breed was bred here. The breed was created by cross breeding another Braque Francais with greyhound-type dogs. Another popular story about the origin of Braque du Puy is that two brothers named du Puy crossed their Braque Francais dog with a Sloughi dog to create this one. Most of them have died now and very few are seen occasionally in rare pets’ market around the world.
Braque du Puy has a short and smooth coat that is white colored at the base with reddish brown, orange or liver markings. It has a long and narrow head with a very long neck that is round and slender. The dog has a narrow and long muzzle while the nose is black and self-colored according to the coat color. The forelegs are strong, muscular and perpendicular while the hind legs are well muscled with sinewy and well-placed hocks. The round and compact feet have arched toes and strong nails. The dog has a set and carried low tail.
Braque du Puy dogs are known for their speed, agility and flexibility and have excellent scenting skills. They are more suited to country life especially for hunting in low lying marshlands and bushy areas. Conversely, they are not powerful swimmers and do not work well in water. Since, they are high spirited, they require a lot of exercise. A lively and energetic breed, Braque du Puy proves to be a nice, affectionate and impressive pet and a companion for families.
Genetic Diseases
No genetic diseases and ailments have been documented for Braque du Puy dogs.
Braque du Puy demands regular grooming. It should be cleaned up every other day with a hard brush or a bristle brush to keep the mantle shining regularly.

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