Braque Saint-Germain dogs are reputed as top-notch hunters as well as friendly family dogs. Read on to know more about the Braque Saint-Germain dog breed.

Braque Saint-Germain Dogs

Breed: Hunting
Height: 56-62 cm
Weight: 40-57 pounds
Coat: Short
The Braque Saint-Germain is a medium sized breed of dog, which is used for hunting purposes, as a gun dog and pointer. Due to its versatility, the dog is also used for hunting small game. “Braque”, literally, means pointing dogs. The breed was developed by crossing English and French pointing type dogs. Regarded as top-notch hunters, Braque Saint-Germain dogs have also gained considerable reputation as family pets, over the years. Their elegant looking coat imparts them a pleasant appearance. This article elaborates on their origin, temperament and appearance. Read on to know more about Braque Saint-Germain dog breed.
The Braque Saint-Germain was first bred at around 1830, by crossing English and Continental pointers. The breed, thus produced, gained fame in Saint Germain en Laye, from where it derived its name. The dog was always more famed as a show breed, though it has also been a popular hunting dog. The breed is internationally recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale in Group 7, Pointing Dogs, Section 1.1 Continental Type Pointing Dog. Some minor registries, hunting clubs, and internet-based dog registry businesses also recognize the breed. It is promoted as a rare breed and a unique pet.
The Braque Saint Germain is a heavy boned and well-muscled breed. These dogs are identified with their supple gallop, which provides them the required endurance. They have a slightly rounded skull and a not-so prominent stop. The muzzle is the length of the skull and the pink nose is broad, with open nostrils. The eyes are large, well set in the sockets, golden yellow in color and carry a gentle, kind and candid expression. Braque Saint-Germain dogs have medium length ears that have rounded tips and hang slightly apart from the head. The jaws are strong and the teeth meet in a scissors bite. These dogs have a horizontal back. The dull white coat may be marked with some bright orange patches.
An out-and-out hunter, the Braque-Saint Germain can passionately hunt in any kind of terrain. It is a willing and tireless worker. This dog breed is affectionate, obedient and very loyal to the master. It is capable of showing great affection, once it gets attached to the family. The breed is also tolerant of other dogs and pets. Gently and friendly with children, Braque Saint-Germain is usually reserved with strangers. It can show a stubborn streak sometimes. To develop good manners, socialization and obedience training are very important. This easy-to-train breed can tolerate occasional harsh treatment while training. If living in the city, long walks for the dog are preferred.
Genetic Diseases
Documentations on the Braque Saint-Germain does not mention any genetic disease. The breed is not known to suffer from unusual health problems. However, extraordinary health is also not promised.  
The Braque Saint-Germain breed of dogs asks for minimal maintenance.  The short coat can be taken care of by occasional brushing. While the dog can tolerate hot weather, the coat is not favorable for wet and cold weather conditions. The ears of the dog should be cleaned regularly.

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