Though sliding glass doors allow easy access to the users, their repairing has to be undertaken on a regular basis. Explore this article to know some tips on how to repair a sliding glass door.

How Do I Repair A Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors are fitted into their frames from the top and the bottom, moving along metal, wood or vinyl tracks. They are often attached with plastic rollers at the top and bottom, for easy movement. Over a period of time, it becomes necessary to repair the sliding doors or the mechanism with which they move easily. The repairing time can depend on the nature of the problem. You can complete the task in two to three hours, if you are able to secure the replacement parts easily. In case the parts have to be ordered or purchased from a store, you will probably have to re-hang the door till the parts arrive, which can be weeks on end. Once you get the supplies, it just a matter of a couple of days. In case you want to explore details on how you can repair a sliding glass door, the tips given below will be of great help.
Repairing Sliding Glass Doors
  • Inspect the structure of your door and figure out its configuration.
  • Stand on the inside of the door structure and grip both the ends. Lift the door upwards from the door panel and out of the bottom track.
  • Move the panel bottom slightly towards the inside of the room. This will unlock the rollers from the top track and make it easy for you to remove the sliding door completely.
  • In some glass door configurations, you may have to remove the side rail from each track, in order to lift the patio door out. The detachable rails can also be found on the inside, along the top and bottom.
  • Using a screwdriver, remove the rails and keep them aside.
  • Repairing a glass door focuses on two specific areas: rollers and tracks.
  • To find out if the rollers are the problem, place the sliding door on a pair of sawhorses. Inspect the rollers along the top and bottom of the door. If rollers are the problem, remove them from the framing of the door, using a screwdriver.
  • Visit a hardware or home store and buy new rollers. Attach them to the door framing.
  • Before placing the glass door back to the panel, check on the tracks, in case they need any cleaning. Remove any loose dirt or grit using a vacuum cleaner. To get rid of any remaining residue, wash the rails with a mild detergent and warm water.
  • Reinstall the door when the tracks are clean and clear of any dirt or debris.
  • Another common problem with a sliding glass door is the glass. Make sure that there is no crack in it.
  • In case there is a crack, but it is small, use a resin based repair kit to seal it and prevent it from getting larger.
  • If the crack is large, it is better to replace the entire glass pane. Be sure to take the exact measurements of the glass, before buying a new one.

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