Do you want to know how to clean glass shower doors? If the answer is yes, check out the info given here, on removing soap scum from glass shower door and cleaning it.

Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

Taking a warm shower in winters seems to provide the perfect respite from the chilly weather. However, while it leaves you totally refreshed and rejuvenated, the condition of the shower door only goes from bad to worse. If the soap scum wasn’t bad enough, the steam from the shower makes the door hazy too. Located in a moist and warm location, shower doors are prone to mildew and mold. Cleaning it along with soap scum is indeed a tough task. In such a case, the best option before you is to clean your glass shower door on a daily basis. The fact that different solutions works for different kinds of stains complicates your job. For cleaning glass shower doors and removing the soap scum from them, all you need is a few products and little bit of effort. In case you want to explore the complete procedure, take a peek at the information provided below.
How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

General Cleaning

Items Needed
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Old Bowl
  • Hot Water
  • Dishwasher Soap (liquid, Gel or Crystals)
  • Steel Wool (Fine Grit)
  • Plain Water

  • First of all, wear rubber gloves. This is to protect your hands from the gross texture of the cleaning materials.
  • Now, take a bowl and put a cup of hot water in it.
  • Add dishwasher soap to the water and stir well.
  • Dip the steel wool in the soap-water mixture and start cleaning the door, moving from an upper corner.
  • After you feel that all the dirt has been removed from the shower door, rinse it with clean water.
Removing Soap Scum from Glass Shower Door

Items Needed
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Lemon Oil/Plain Mineral Oil
  • Scrubbing Sponge
  • Soft Cloth/ Paper Towel


  • Wear the rubber gloves, so as to protect your hands from getting dirty during the cleaning process.
  • Apply the oil on the surface on the shower glass door, with the help of the scrubbing sponge.
  • Applying reasonable pressure, rub the sponge across the door.
  • Continue with the procedure till the soap scum gets removed completely.
  • To provide a haze-free shine to the door, buff it with a soft cloth or paper towel.
Cleaning Tips
  • Mix well half a cup of white vinegar and an equal amount of water in a spray bottle. Spray them on the glass doors and leave as it is for a few minutes. Then, take a plastic mope and wipe the entire floor. This removes soap scum as well as mold.
  • Clean the cracks and crevices of the glass using a toothbrush as it will be difficult to clean it using a squeegee.
  • In case you are using chemicals, remember to use rubber hand gloves so as to protect your hands from rashes, allergies and other reactions.
  • Apply baking powder paste on the glass shower doors and leave as it is for twenty minutes. Then, wash and clean the door using a soft dry cloth piece.
  • Use lemon oil to clear the hot water stains in the glass shower door. Apply them on the affected areas and clean them using a piece of cloth. This not only provides a lemony scent but also serve as a barrier for any kind of hard water build up in the future.
  • A 50/50 solution mix of Isopropyl alcohol and water in a spray bottle is an inexpensive glass shower cleaner. Alcohol is effective in cleaning all the stains and ensures you wipe off the solution using a newspaper.
  • Spray an oven cleaner on the glass door. Allow it to sit for thirty minutes and wipe the solution off using a newspaper, paper towel or plain water.
  • Apply a paste of five tablespoons of cream of tartar and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Using a nylon scrubber, apply the paste and leave it for ten minutes. Wash the solution using distilled water which cleans all the tough rust stains.
  • Pour some baking soda on a wet nylon sponge and spray some vinegar. Scrub any stubborn signs till it is cleared.
  • Liquid laundry remover is very effective as a cleaner for glass shower doors. Applying them on a cleaning sponge and rubbing it off on the shower door will remove the stains right away. Then, wash the door using a hot water.
Additional Tips
  • Ensure you dry the glass shower doors after each use so as to prevent soap scum and hard water from returning.
  • Apply mild bleach or vinegar immediately after you spot any sign of mold or mildew.
  • Leave the glass shower door slightly open to allow air circulation every time you finish taking showers.
  • The perfect timing for cleaning the soap scum is after taking a warm shower. The steam and heat helps in loosening the scum and makes the scrubbing easier.

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