Cleaning glass shower doors isn’t rocket science. Anyone can do it. Read the following article for some of the most effective ideas on cleaning glass shower doors.

How To Clean Glass Shower Doors

Crystal clear shower doors are preferred these days to give a chic, elegant look to the bathroom without dropping a bomb on the wallet. While buying a glass shower door, one should keep in mind that low quality glass might be cheaper but there is a huge risk of damage due to excessive water, soap, moisture and humidity. Thus high quality glass should be preferred since it will last for a longer time and is comparatively less vulnerable to scum and cleansing material, although they are well known for being difficult to clean and maintain. Scum, calcium deposits and all the soap that gets thrown around in the shower is attracted to the glass door as if to a magnet. Glass shower doors are available in various shapes, sizes and color. They look very appealing but getting rid of all that dirt stuck to them can be very problematic if neglected for long. Before you start thinking about attacking your glass shower door with those hand gloves, you need to identify what things gets stuck on the door and how it gets there. No one likes those messy details but in order to use appropriate cleaners, it is necessary for you to know what deposits you are going to tackle.
Cleaning glass shower doors can be made easy if you learn the technique of handling and cleaning glass. Continue reading for a few ideas on how to use different cleaning products to cleanse and deodorize your glass shower doors.

Tips For Cleaning Glass Shower Doors
  • To keep your shower glass sparkling clean, try the following simple concoction: pour half a cup of white vinegar and half a cup of water into a spray bottle and mix well. Spray it on the glass doors and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Then take a plastic squeegee and wipe down the entire door. This will help you get rid of any soap scum as well as mold. Squeegee your glass shower door every time you are finished taking a shower. This stops the hard water from solidifying on the glass.
  • Use a toothbrush to clean the cracks and crevices of the glass since it is not possible to clean it with a squeegee. Try not to use chemicals since it can be harmful to your pets and children and is not environment-friendly. If you still want to use chemicals, always remember to wear rubber hand gloves to protect your hands from getting rashes and other reactions or allergies.
  • You can also try using baking powder paste to get crystal clear glass. Apply the paste on glass shower doors and let it set for 20 minutes. Then wash and clean with a soft dry cloth piece.
  • Glass shower doors with hot water stains can be quickly fixed by applying a little bit of lemon oil on the affected portions and quickly cleaning it off with a piece of cloth. This will give a lemony scent as a bonus and will also act as a barrier for future hard water build up.
  • To lessen the growth of mildew, leave the shower door slightly open to allow air to circulate every time you finish showering.
  • One of best and most inexpensive home cleaners is a 50/50 solution made of Isopropyl alcohol and water mixed in a spray bottle. The alcohol will remove almost all the stains. Make sure you wipe off the solution with a newspaper for a sparkling glass door.
  • You could also spray a little oven cleaner on the glass door, enough to create foam, allowing it to sit for around 30 minutes and then wiping it all off using newspapers or paper towels or plain water.

Save your fingers all that scrubbing by giving your glass shower doors a regular weekly cleaning to maintain hygiene, shine and smoothness.

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