Twisted wire jewelry is easy to craft and looks extremely chic and classy. Find out how to make twisted jewelry.

How To Make Twisted Wire Jewelry

Take a woman to a flea market or a mall and all she would care to do is to hit the jewelry stall or browse through the jewelry stores to find the funkiest jewelries to complement her wardrobe! Jewelry has always inspired women to play with options, a trend that explains the evolution from the traditional heavy gem-studded gold braced pieces to the funky, lightweight, chic and contemporary ones. Ever wondered that a humble wire can be refashioned into a stunning piece! Wire jewelry has been a trendsetter and looks modishly chic and stylish. A modest wire bangle or even a pair of twisted wire earrings can turn you into a total stunner. What's more, wire jewelries are probably never out of fashion and favor almost every getup and pocket. Now, wouldn’t it be just wonderful to style your own neckpiece and trinkets, rather than ransack the malls? Before you wonder how, know that making your own jewelry is probably one of the easiest crafts to master. Here are some fashionable ways to make your own jewelry from twisted wire. Read on to get styling.
Making Twisted Wire Jewelry
Open Loop Bead Dangles
To make this simple yet elegant looking pair of earrings, take a wire pin and slide one or more of your favorite matching beads through it. Hold the pin with bent chain nose pliers, just above the bead and secure the wire using your thumb, while still holding it between the pliers. Using the round nose pliers, twist a loop above the bead. Now, using your hand, enfold the wire around one side of the pliers to create another loop. Snip off the excess wire with flush wire cutters. Now, take an earring wire and support it with a pair of chain nose pliers. Using another pair of chain nose pliers, slightly push open the loop. Slip in the beaded dangle piece onto the loop and secure it back with chain nose pliers. Your pair of open loop bead dangles is ready to be flaunted!
Wrapped Bead Dangles
If you wish to play with your options and get more creative with your craft, making a wire wrapped beaded dangle wouldn’t be a bad bet. Just follow the above instructions to create the basic structure. However in this case, don’t lop off the excess wire. Instead, use your hand to coil the unexpended part of the pin around itself, while still holding it with the bent chain nose pliers, until almost done. Chip the leftover wire, however small, using the flush wire cutter and flatten the end using a second pair of bent chain nose pliers. Insert the dangle through the earring loop and close it with chain nose pliers. Your wrapped bead dangles is good to go.
Twisted Wire Necklace
To make a twisted wire necklace, you will need twisted wire, memory wire for necklaces, jewelry pliers, a large bead and wire cutters. Using a memory wire shear, cut a loop of the memory wire. Now, using wire cutters, cut about 11 feet of the twisted wire. Arc the twisted wire to half and cut again. Using round nose pliers buckle one end of the memory wire and twist it to make a loop. Twine a strand of twisted wire around one half of the length of the memory wire necklace, beginning from the center. Slide off the twisted wire hose off the loop and wrap in the second strand of twisted wire through the memory wire. Thread beads onto the necklace wire and slide in the twisted wire hose back to the loop. Using round nose pliers, make a loop at the other end of the wire necklace. Your twisted wire necklace is ready.

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