There are a number of simple ways to clean silver jewelry, which can be easily carried out in home. In case you want to explore silver jewelry cleaning tips in detail, read on.

Silver Jewelry Cleaning Tips

Silver jewelry is a sensation among women all over the world. They love to collect silver ornaments of different patterns and designs. Since time immemorial, humans have known to make use of silver, because of its unusual healing and health promoting effects. The metal is regarded as highly essential for balancing the other elements in the body. It is also considered vital for the process of bone formation, bone healing, skin formation and skin repair. On tops that, silver ornaments like bracelets, ear-rings and necklaces are amazing to look at and the best part is that they are not too expensive also. However, like many other metals, they are known to tarnish over a certain period of time. To maintain their luster and shine, it is important to take care of them and clean them at regular intervals. This will also add to their longevity and you will be able to enjoy wearing them for years together, without any signs of damage. To get some useful silver jewelry cleaning tips, explore the pointers given below.
Ways To Clean Silver Jewelry 
  • If it is a heavy dirt buildup or a tarnish that you want to remove, you will have to use special silver cleaner. Such cleaners are easily available commercially and come in both the liquid as well as in paste forms. The liquid cleaners are known as silver dips. The best way to use them is by pouring a small quantity in a cup and placing the ornament inside the liquid. You will be amazed by seeing the instant result.
  • Silver cleaners in paste form can be used by scooping a small amount over a toothbrush or a piece of cloth. Start by working through the crevices of the scrollwork and move in a straight line. Any kind of circular motion may cause severe scratching. Once dry, make use of a clean cloth to remove the excess paste. You can also use warm water to rinse the piece and then dry it properly.
  • Some people even use toothpaste to clean and polish silver articles. Make surer to use simple paste formulas, which are devoid of any special whitening options. Using a soft damp sponge or damp cloth, spread the paste and gently rub over the silver, in straight, back and forth motions.
  • Another method of using toothpaste is by wetting the piece of silver first and then spreading the paste directly over the surface. Now, polish the silver by using gentle, non-scratching movements. Once done, rinse off the toothpaste, using warm water and dry the silver with a soft towel.
  • Baking soda is also used to clean and polish silver ornaments. It is mainly used to remove stubborn stains that do not get removed by other means. However, the soda may sometimes cause damage to the silver, as it is generally considered to be too abrasive. So, exercise caution. 
  • While purchasing any form of silver jewelry or embellishment, always keep in mind that silver is a very soft metal and can bend easily on the application of mild force.
  • Silver should never be kept along with other metals or stored loose in an ornament box. The ideal way to store silver ornaments is by placing them in a small zippered plastic bag. This will prevent other jewelry from rubbing against your silver ornaments and will also protect them from air, thereby preventing tarnishing.
  • Do not leave your silver jewelry against any kind of bare wood particularly oak. This is because they contain an acid that mars the surface of the metal. Hence avoid storing them in small cardboard boxes or even in paper envelopes since both paper and cardboard are wood pulp products.
  • You can clean your silver jewelry by using a small piece of flannel cloth or soft cotton. Never use any kind of synthetic materials for the purpose, as they can cause scratching. Apart from this, you can also use a child’s toothbrush if you want to take care of the intricate patterns.

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