Getting rid of new car smell is not as difficult as it seems to be. This article provides tips on how to get rid of new car smell, listed just for you.

How To Get Rid Of New Car Smell

Buying a new car was once amongst the dreams of many individuals and they strived hard to achieve the same. However, the availability of loans has made it easy for many of them to own a set of four wheels. However, as soon as you get the car home, a new problem crops up. It’s the deadly smell of news cars that takes the fun of driving out of your life. The distinct aroma in new cars results from a mix of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that, apart from being smelly, aren't great for health. Through the lines given below, we intend to provide you tips on how to get rid of new car smell.
Getting Rid Of New Car Smell 
  • Try keeping the windows of your new car cracked, when it is not in use. At the same time, you must air out the car as much as possible. This will help in emitting out the foul smell from inside your car.
  • Make sure the vent in your car is set to ‘fresh air’ rather than ‘re-circulate’. This is another way to get rid of that smell.
  • You can make use of an air freshener, of a particular fragrance that you like, to mask the new car odor.  If you're partial to natural ingredients, make use of the extracts of clove, cedar wood and pine needle.
  • Add perfume or your choice of scents. For the strongest or fastest effect, apply it to the interior air filter.
  • You can even try putting vinegar, diluted with water, in a container and keeping it inside the car, to put off that bad smell. Make sure that the container has a few holes at the top.
  • Put barbecue charcoal (break it into pieces first) under the front seats. It works great in reducing the interior smell.
  • Have a detailing shop run an ozone generator in the car for a few hours. This will help in getting rid of the smell to quite an extent.
  • Buy and use an auto air cleaner that uses activated carbon. The best found are made by E.L. Foust.
  • Car fresheners, especially those with lime scent, can reduce the new car odor to large extent and the experience will be much more tolerable.
  • Those who smoke can even go for smoking inside the car, as smell of cigarette smoke is much stronger than that of carbon-based chemicals. However, remember that it is expose others to passive smoking.
  • You can even go for ionizer that produces ions to repulse odors. However you will have to be careful that the device does not go bad, as it has the tendency to release ozone that is much more harmful than car smells. So. make sure that the ionizer is of top quality.
  • Cut lemon or pineapple pieces and place them inside the car, as they will provide a good fruity fragrance and fend off the smell inside the car.

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