Do you hate the lingering smell of cigarette on your clothes? Explore the article given below to know how to get cigarette smell out of clothing.

How To Get Cigarette Smell Out Of Clothing

Smoking is injurious to health. This is the statutory warning one can find on cigarette packets. But it’s also a fact that smoking is injurious to relationships too. The prime reason of a non-smoker’s allergy towards the smoking cult is the irritating and unbearable smell of nicotine. There is a saying that a chain smoker’s room smells like death. You don’t have to smoke to get your clothes the nicotine smell. If you are dealing with somebody who is a smoker, your clothes may get that smell especially if you stay with that person. However sometimes you can get your clothes smelling like cigarette when you visit pubs, discotheques, and restaurants where smoking is not prohibited. However much you like shaking your bootie, you wouldn’t like the smell coming out of your clothes, after you have danced like crazy with other people smoking there. So what to do? Throw your favorite clothes in dumpster? Now you don’t have to. Here you will get some ideas about how to get rid of the strong nicotine smell.
Tips For Getting The Cigarette Smell Out Of Clothing
Baking Soda And Shampooing
Machine washable clothing can be washed using deodorizing methods. Most of the clothes would be fine after a good wash with a deodorant flavored washing powder. However, it would be bit difficult to get rid of this smell from carpets, and curtains because they would be gathering loads of tar and resin for months or years. The smell generally is very strong and lasts in these things. If this is the case, you can use shampoo mixed with your washing powder it to make it smell fresh. Baking soda also can be used to wipe the smoking smell out of their clothes. However, you should make sure that you clothes doesn’t get damaged if you use baking soda.
Vinegar Steam Method
Vinegar helps in washing out the smell of nicotine completely by removing the resin and tar in smoke .You can wipe the smoking smell from the floor by using the vinegar directly. It can be used on clothes but make sure that the clothes are not too delicate as otherwise they may get damaged. However, you can give vinegar steam to your clothes and find your clothes free of smell in no time. all you need to do is to fill your bath tub or bucket with hot water. Now add four cups of vinegar to it. Then Hang your cigarette-smelling outfit above the tub. Keep the door closed. Allow the steam to float in air and become intense. After a few minutes, your cloth will be cleansed but there will be an odor of vinegar, which would diminish in a few minutes.
Heavy Duty Detergents
You can even use the heavy-duty, phosphate-based detergent and 1-cup water conditioner and 1/2 cup bleaching powder if your cloth has unbearable strong odor .however it is better you use this method on the clothes, which you are hardy. Never in any case use it on delicate clothes as it will get damaged. You should read the product label instructions of your cloth carefully before you attempt any of these methods.

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