For removal of sour milk smell, you should clean the affected area when the stain is still wet. Explore the article and know how to get rid of sour milk smell.

How To Get Rid Of Sour Milk Smell

When sour milk is left to stand around at a place, it gets fermented by bacteria and leads to the production of a stinking smell. Since milk is one of the most common household items, chances of stains caused by spilling it cannot be overlooked. Whether the spoiled milk is spilled on your kitchen countertops, clothes, carpet or your car, you need to clean it as soon as you spot it, otherwise you will not be able to remove smell. With the instructions given in the article, you will know how to get rid of sour milk smell.
Removal Of Sour Milk Smell
Interiors Of Car
You can remove fresh stains of sour milk, and its smell, from the interiors of your car with white vinegar. First, mop up the excess milk using a paper towel. Thereafter, sprinkle two teaspoons of white vinegar over the stained area and pour cold water over it. Leave the area undisturbed for about 12 hours. Wipe down the residue with a clean cloth and let the interiors dry completely, before you get into the cabin of your car.
Kitchen Countertops
When sour milk gets spilled on kitchen countertops, it can be easily removed by using a mild detergent. Wipe the area with a clean paper towel. Now, make a solution of warm water and a mild liquid detergent. Dip a sponge in the soultion and wipe the affected area with it. Wipe the area with a clean cloth once again. This will clear all the sour milk smell.
To get rid of sour milk smell from the refrigerator, first empty it completely. Turn off the machine's power supply. Wash and rinse the area thoroughly with a sponge, dipped in detergent and cold water mixture. Rinse the area with clear water. Now, mix two teaspoons baking soda with some water, to form a thick paste. Dampen a sponge with the paste and scrub it all over the affected area. Rinse with cold water once again. To get rid of the smell completely, leave an opened box of fresh baking soda, in the refrigerator, for the next 24 hours.
In case your have spilled spoiled milk on your clothes, you need to launder them immediately, before the stain gets a chance to become dried. Soak the stained area of the clothing in white vinegar, for about fifteen minutes. Launder the soaked clothes with a gentle cycle of the washing machine and let them air-dry.
Sour milk smell can be removed from the carpet by using baking soda. When the stain is fresh, blot the carpet with paper towels, to mop up excess milk. Pour one teaspoon baking soda on the stained area and spray cold water, right on top of it. Leave it overnight. Vacuum-clean the baking soda in the morning.
Wash the stained area of mattress with a solution of cold water and detergent. When the area is still wet, cover it with a thick layer of sodium bicarbonate. Let it stand for the next 24 hours. Vacuum-clean the residue of the chemical in the morning or clean it with a paper towel. If the stain is still not removed, wash the affected area once again, water-detergent solution, and repeat the entire process.
If spoiled old milk gets spilled on costly leather-upholstered seats of your sofa, you can clean the stain and remove its smell by using commercial leather cleaner. Blot the affected area with cleaner and wipe it with a clean cloth. Thereafter, apply odor eliminator on the affected area. Now, let the area dry thoroughly, because dampness can promote the growth of mildew.

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