The behavioral problems in dogs should not be overlooked, as they might affect your pet's health. Go through the article and explore the common behavior problems seen in dogs.

Dog Behavior Problems

Behavioral problems in pets often cause frustration in their owners. If not controlled in time, they may make the owner eventually feel that he/she should get rid of his/her pet. Excessive barking, destructive chewing and separation anxiety are some of the problems that are commonly seen in dogs. The possible causes for such behavior might be ailment, excess energy and anxiety or curiosity in the animal. In the following lines, we have given information on the common behavior problems in a dog.
Common Behavioral Problems in Dogs
Aggression in dogs is characterized by snarling, showing teeth, lunging, biting and growling. It is a common behavioral problem seen in almost all the breeds of the animal. An aggressive dog exhibits this behavior towards strangers and even other dogs. If you notice such behavior in your pet, you should seek the help of a professional dog trainer.
Destructive Chewing
Although chewing is an essential part of growing, in pets, doing it in a destructive manner becomes a problem that needs to be curbed. You may find your pet chewing things lying nearby, just to kill boredom. Destructive chewing may be also because of excess energy, anxiety and curiosity on the part of the pet. To curb this problem, supply plenty of chew toys to your dog.
Excessive Barking
Some dogs may bark very aggressively, the moment they hear visitors coming near the doorstep. Many of them bark even at the passers-by or other dogs. Although barking is a typical doggy trait, excess of it is considered appalling. In severe cases, you should get your dog trained by a professional.
Separation Anxiety
Chewing, inappropriate urination and improper defecation are the symptoms of separation anxiety, which is quite common amongst dogs. The pet exhibits such a behavior, when it is separated from its owner. As the owner prepares to leave, the dog misbehaves for the first few minutes of separation. Dedicated training will lead to modification in the behavior of the dog, thereby eliminating the problem.
Digging is a natural behavior seen in dogs. They will do some amount of digging to hide their possessions, such as bones and toys, to escape or gain access, nestle or even cool off during summers. However, it becomes a behavioral problem when your pet digs up your entire yard because of boredom, excess energy, anxiety, fear or with hunting instinct. In such case, providing your pet a sand box is suggested.
Improper Elimination
House soiling is a common behavioral problem in dogs. The tendency of the animal to defecate and urinate indoors may cause frustration in the owner. Anxiety is one of the major causes related to this problem in dogs. To find a solution for the problem, consult a vet and seek guidance to modify its behavior.

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