An easy way to catch the nasty household flies is to set a trap for them. Explore the article and learn how to make homemade fly traps.

Homemade Fly Trap

Household flies usually attack the areas in and around the homes, where there is a possibility to eat and breed. The nasty insects feast on sweets, sugar and leftover foods. When they are provided all the favorable conditions in your home, they would love to buzz around the place and annoy you. Carriers of diseases and are known for multiplying quickly, these flies are hard to get rid of. Thus, apart from creating unhygienic conditions, household flies can be a reason for your losing temper as well. The best way to get rid of them is to set a fly trap. Though there are plenty of options if you intend to buy a fly trap from hardware stores, making one at home is quite easy as it require only a few ingredients. Go through the following lines and learn all about homemade fly trap. Thus you can easily prevent these flies from keeping you bed-ridden.
How To Make Fly Traps


Using Vinegar

  • Empty a fruit jar. Rinse it well, to clean the inner parts thoroughly. Leave it to dry completely.
  • In a small bowl, mix ½ cup granulated sugar, ½ cup white vinegar and 2 cups of water.
  • Pour the mixture into the fruit jar. Fill the jar up to 3/4th.
  • Pierce holes on the lid of the jar. Ensure that the holes are large enough for the flies to get inside the jar.
  • Place the jar outside your kitchen door. The flies will be attracted to the fruit jar and will be trapped inside it.
Using Plastic Bottle

  • Get a 2-liter plastic bottle, with a screw-on lid.
  • Using a razor knife or scissors, cut around the bottle, in order to separate its upper portion from the rest.
  • Remove the cap from the bottle.
  • Invert the separated top portion, which now looks like a funnel, into the rest of the bottle.
  • Secure the "funnel" top, using duct tape.
  • Make a hole on each side of the funnel top, using the sharp end of a knife.
  • Thread a piece of string through the holes.
  • Add fly bait granules to the bottle.
  • Hang the trap in the area frequented by the flies.
  • The flies will surely get trapped inside it.
  • Remember to refill the bottle on a weekly basis.

Fruit Bait

Things Required
  • 2 liter bottle
  • Vinegar – ¼ cup
  • Liquid dish soap – ¼ cup
  • Fruit juice or a freshly cut fruit
  • Take a 2 liter bottle and cut the top-third of it.
  • Flip the top portion upside down into another huge bottom-half. Make sure that the mouth of the bottle is in such a way that it is pointed downwards creating a funnel effect.
  • Tape the two halves and pour ¼ cup of vinegar and equal amounts of liquid dish wash.
  • Also add fruit juice or a piece of fruit into jar. Insects get attracted by this and thus will enter the funnel. However, they find it difficult to find their way out.
Sugar & Soap Trap

Things Required
  • A jar or a bowl
  • Sugar
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Take a small jar or a bowl and pour equal amounts of sugar and liquid dish soap.
  • The sweet smell of the sugar is sure to attract the flies while the presence of soap in the jar greases their ability to fly away, thus leading the flies to drown in the solution.
  • This solution is effective for using indoors too as it does not let off a foul smell as in the case of vinegar solutions.
Reusable Fruit Fly Trap

Things Required
  • Medium sized jar  (mason jar or a food jar) with lid or
  • Drinking bowl or glass with plastic wrap – 1
  • Hammer and nail  
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Beer or fruit juice or apple cider vinegar– ½ cup
  • Take the container and fill it with half a cup of beer or fruit juice or apple cider vinegar.
  • Add a drop of dishwashing liquid; this decreases the surface tension of the liquid, and as a result the flies drown completely in the liquid..
  • Close the container using a lid and take them to the pantry or the place where the presence are flies are seen.
  • Allow the container to remain there overnight till the smell or aroma of beer would invite flies.
  • In every 2-3 days, pour the flies out and change the liquid to ensure fresh aroma.
  • Repeat the entire process as per requirements.
  • If you do not intend to kill these flies, make use of fruit instead of vinegar after which they can be released.
  • While trapping the flies, you need to be careful as a small shift of the tunnel or the moving of glass will fail the whole purpose of the attempt.
  • To avoid the fruit flies, keep the fruits in refrigerator or wash and dry them as soon as they are bought.

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