If you want to know the best ways for removing weeds from lawn and yard, this article is the right for you. Check out the tips and learn how to get rid of weeds easily.

How To Get Rid Of Weeds

Weeds are unwanted plants, which grow and spread rapidly. They eat up the essential nutrients from the soil, which are needed for the growth of healthy plants. Proper care and maintenance of your premises is required to stop the rampant growth of weeds. The process of weeding, as it is called, may seem to be a daunting task. However, you should do it immediately after you notice the growth of weeds, or else they will grow faster and take over your lawn and yard with no time. If are looking for some effective ways to get rid of the nasty weeds, browse through the article. Check out for tips for removing weeds given in the following lines.
How To Remove Weeds From Lawn And Yard 
  • Regular mowing of lawn helps eliminate the growth of weeds. Trim the grass on a regular basis, using a roller. However, you should not trim the grass too low. Very short length of grass can cause weeds to seed easier and spread at a rapid pace, throughout your yard. In addition, you should avoid cutting the grass immediately after spraying a weed killer product.
  • The quickest way to get rid of weeds is by simply pulling them out. Although it seems to be a time-consuming task, doing this will show you visible changes - your lawn will be free of the unwanted growth of weeds!
  • Another easy way to remove the weeds is to uproot them. You may dig them out, using a small shovel or potting trowel. This will reduce their growth further. Consider the depth of the roots, while choosing the tool to dig them out.
  • You should aerate the soil regularly, in order to prevent it from becoming clay. Loosen the soil, so that air passes through it. This is an effective method to prevent the growth of weeds.
  • The soil of your yard requires a good supply of nutrients to remain fertile. Lack of essential nutrients would slow down the growth of grass, making the way for the weeds to take over the yard.
  • You should fertilize your yard at the most appropriate time of the year. Follow the instructions given in the fertilizer carefully, so that you do not apply overdose of the chemical. It is suggested to make use of homemade compost to nourish the soil in your yard.
  • Avoid watering your yard in excess. The soil simply can't soak the excess amount of water, which will be used up by the weeds to grow and flourish. Water the grass only up to the optimum quantity.
  • Excess of everything is harmful - whether it is sunlight or shade. Many weeds grow in the shade and spread throughout the yard. Therefore, cut the branches of tree and bushes, which provide excessive shade to your yard.
  • Although herbicides are effective in removing the weeds, they can reduce the moisture content of the soil, which is unfavorable for the growth of grass. Hence, avoid using the product for your yard.
  • Herbicides should not be applied on newly sod lawn. This is because prior to the growth of grass, the weeds may take root in the soil and start to grow.

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