Installing a dimmer switch will help you to take control of the way your rooms are lit. In this article, we have provided the guidance on how to install a dimmer switch.

How To Install A Dimmer Switch

Dim lights are perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere at home. To set the desired ambience, you may install a dimmer light switch at your home. The switch makes subtle changes to the level of illumination, thereby giving you the desired lighting effect. Installing a dimmer light switch does not take a long time. Just turn off the power supply to the circuit, cut the wires and go about installing the switch onto the mounting box. If you want to get the systematic guidance on how to install a dimmer switch, read the rest of the article.
Installing A Dimmer Switch
Things Required
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire Cutter
  • Utility Knife
  • Wire Nuts 
  • Turn off the supply of power to the circuit you are working on. To do this, you need to locate the right fuse in the fuse box. Once found, remove it from the panel. By cutting off the power supply to the circuit, you are actually preventing the risk of electric shock.
  • Take out the old switch plate from the mounting box by unscrewing the screws mounted on the switch. Make use of a screwdriver for the purpose.
  • Using a wire cutter, cut off the wires connected to the switch.
  • After the old switch plate is removed from the wires completely, strip off 3/8” of the plastic insulation from each of the wires, using a utility knife, so that clean pieces of wires are visible. These shall be connected to the new dimmer light switch.
  • Position the bare wires next to each other, to make the connections. Take one of the bare wires located in the mounting box and connect it to the green ground wire found in the dimmer switch. Secure the connection with the help of a wire nut.
  • Connect one of the black wires in the dimmer switch to the other two black wires located in the mounting box.
  • After connecting the wires to their respective pairs, it is the time to place the dimmer switch in its position. Before you push the switch into place, assimilate the wires into the mounting box. To do this, you may fold them in a zigzag pattern.
  • Hold the switch in a perpendicular position to the floor and tighten the screws located on its top and bottom.
  • Install the switch plate over the dimmer switch.
  • Reinstall the fuse in the fuse box.
  • Make sure that your dimmer switch is installed properly. Test its working by switching it on.

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