Installing granite countertops is the best way to make your kitchen look elegant and attractive. Read this article to know valuable tips on how to install granite counter.

How To Install Granite Counter

A new, smooth and shiny granite countertop is going to cost your more than other kitchen countertops. Granite is one of hardest materials, is heat-resistant, and its installation requires a fair amount of expertise. It also gives a more elegant look to your kitchen. In fact, one of the main reasons why people choose to install granite countertops is to make the kitchen look artistically attractive. However, while installing them, it is important to consider a few factors, some of which have been mentioned in the lines below. So, just read on and know some very useful tips on how to install granite counter in your kitchen.
Installing Granite Countertops
Choosing The Granite
The first step is to choose the countertop, as granite comes in wide variety of colors, textures and designs. The interior of your kitchen will be an important factor, determining your choice of granite. Your counter should match well with the kitchen interiors. Mismatched granite will spoil the look of your kitchen, defeating the whole purpose behind installing granite countertops.
The pre-installation steps include removing the existing countertop, so that the new one can be installed. You need to remove any attachments and basins as well. The area where you want to install the granite countertop should be clear beforehand.
Selecting The Design
The style in which you want the granite to be molded has to be selected by you. Yet again, the design of the countertop should gel with the overall look of your kitchen. Granite slabs or granite tiles can also be used, depending upon your convenience. Tile designing is more time consuming, while it is easier to mould the slabs.
Measurement Of Space
The next and a very important, step is the measurement of space where your granite countertop will be fitted and determination of the installations required. You can seek professional help for the purpose. The cabinets, or templates, or seams required for counter installations will be decided by the professionals. If you feel confident, you can do this step on your own as well.
Support Creation
Before the beginning of counter installations, it is important to strengthen the area by using metal rods and plywood. Granite is hard and heavy-weighted and a weak area with a fragile support system will not be able to handle the granite's weight. So, make the designated area strong enough to hold granite.
Installation Of The Counter & Sealing
It is up to you to decide whether the designing of the granite will be done at your home or at the granite factory. Once the countertop has been designed, you can install it at the designated space and glue it on. Thereafter, sealing is important, to keep your granite slab shining and safe. You need to do sealing every 6 months, to maintain the glossy look of granite.
At times, specialized tools are required for installations and hence, professional help is important. It will give you a rough estimate of how much your granite counter is going to cost you.

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