Removing a grass stain from clothes is an easy task, provided you know the right technique. With this article, get helpful information on how to remove grass stains from clothing.

How To Remove Grass Stains From Clothing

Whether it is titivating your strikingly beautiful garden or allowing children play in the area, one thing that you need to be contented with, in case of a grass lawn, is stains in your laundry! These stains are nothing but complete nuisance and should be tended to at the earliest; else chances are they would ruin your or your kids' favorite clothes completely. A grass stain, more popularly known as dye stain, is one of the hardest kinds to remove. Such stains are known to permeate into the fabric, tarnishing it completely. So, are you now wondering how to remove grass stain from clothes? The best bet would be to pre-treat the stain, before machine washing. In the following lines, we have provided useful tips on removing grass stain from clothes.
Removing Grass Stain From Clothes
Liquid or Powder Detergent
Grass stains can be removed by using liquid or powder detergent. For this, take some detergent and pour it directly on the stained area. Strongly scrub the area and then leave on the detergent for about 10 to 15 minutes. Thereafter, wash the garment normally. The grass stain would surely be gone. In case the stain still persists, repeat the process, until the stain gets completely out of sight.
Baking Soda & White Vinegar
To use this method, mix baking soda and water and make a fine paste. Apply this paste onto the stained area. Now, pour white vinegar on a sponge and scrub the area with it. The chemical reaction would trigger the formation of bubbles, which would help in stain removal. The grass stain is sure to fade away and die, using this process.
Digestive Enzymes
Digestive enzymes, such as acidophilus, have been found beneficial in treating grass stains. They can be obtained from any health food store. Take about 10 pills of the digestive enzyme and break them open, to get about 1 tsp of the powder. Mix this powder with a few drops of water, to make a fine paste. Spread this paste onto the grass stain and leave it for an hour or so. Wash the cloth normally. The grass stain would surely be history.
Bleach with Hydrogen Peroxide
Bleach, when mixed with hydrogen peroxide, makes excellent grass stain remover. For this, combine equal parts of bleach and hydrogen peroxide. Add to this, 3 parts of cold water. Pour the mixture directly on the stained area and allow it to stand. Once the mixture has remained for about an hour, rinse the garment thoroughly. Thereafter, wash it as you normally wash your clothes.
Ammonia & Vinegar
For treating a nasty or severe grass stain from clothing, a mixture of ammonia and vinegar would be the best bet. For this, take some ammonia and mix it with one teaspoon of vinegar. Rub the mixture directly onto the stain and then wash it as you normally would. This method would surely prove beneficial in removing the stain.
Water & Rubbing Alcohol
Water and rubbing alcohol have advantageous results in removing grass stain. However, do make sure that you dilute the alcohol enough. In this case, first wash the cloth, as you normally do. Now, apply a mixture of water and alcohol (mix three parts water to one part alcohol) onto the stained area and sponge the stain. Allow it to dry. Make sure you do not use alcohol on silk or wool.

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