Those who want to put medieval history at display in their homes should go for the authentic antique look. Read the article to know some useful tips for a unique medieval décor in your home.

Unique Medieval Decor

Unique medieval Décor is immensely popular amongst people who have a strong sense of history and want to give a historical feel to their house. Medieval home décor is reminiscent of the gothic look, which gained prominence in the medieval era. The interior decoration during that time had a distinct character and used to be highly creative and classic in its theme. Unique styles in painting and other items of decoration adorned homes and a blend of German and roman art was palpable in the décor of medieval period. The article brings you some valuable tips for giving that unique medieval look to your house, so that a sense of history prevails in the ambience.
Medieval Home Decor Tips 
  • There are many antique shops and exclusive outlet that offer a wide range of tapestries and prints at various price ranges. Wall tapestries come with a rich portrayal of history and make for a unique work of art. Many tapestries depict actual events and incidents that occurred in the lives of medieval people. Pick up stuff that appeals to you and also fit in your budget.
  • The stylish doorknockers are yet another fascinating feature of the décor of medieval era. Their antique feel is a must in your medieval-looking home.
  • Your medieval interior decoration is simply incomplete without the dazzling swords and protective shields that were a hallmark of the medieval period. The swords will accentuate the sense of history in the medieval setting of a room.
  • Replica of weaponry like stunning shields, complete suits of armor, daggers, spears, axes, shields and helmets, adorning your walls, will make for a unique medieval décor.
  • Knight statues are also a great way to make your home décor exceptional in the true sense. Small sized knight statues on horseback for the table will look perfect. A large sized knight statue can also be kept in the living room as a centerpiece.
  • Splurging or exceeding your budget to buy large exotic items is not required for giving a medieval look to your home. Even a simple item like a table lamp with an antique look can give it the desired touch. Go for the lamps that depict knights in shining armor, to add that special touch.
  • Bronzing, silver leafing, stencils, and other finishes to your modern furniture is a cool idea for that medieval theme, without spending a fortune. Apply pre-cut wood designs, using a wood burner, or paint to add gothic arches, quarter foils and other shapes to your furniture.
  • You can also decorate your furniture with motifs such as fairies, knights, dragons and castles etc. that were used in the medieval period.  
While giving a medieval look to your house, being creative will help a lot. The right placement of your antique items is very important. Therefore, consulting a designer would be a good option.

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