Want to escape to the tropical land of fresh breeze, cool sand and swaying palm trees? Opt for a tropical home decor. Check out this article to find some ideas for tropical home decor.

Tropical Home Decor

If you are looking out for an island paradise, then look no further. Creating a tranquil atmosphere, using a tropical interior décor, is the key to let your family feel the relaxing essence of a beach at Hawaii or the breezy majesty of the Caribbean. What better way to hear the ocean waves and smell the perfume of some exotic flowers! All that you need to do is add some right tropical accessories, along with a beach-inspired palette. Voila! Your tropical home makeover is done. So, with the summers ahead, are you game for creating a relaxing and rejuvenating little tropical paradise in your sweet abode? Not only do these natural tropical interiors fit well into living rooms and halls, they can be modified to work well in bathrooms and bedrooms as well. Browse on further to find some ideas for decorating your home with tropical interiors.
Tropical Home Decor Ideas
Walls and Color Schemes
To start off with, the colors should complement the place that you live in. While tropical décor blends well in a hot and humid place, you have to be careful while recreating your home in case you put up in region with cold climates. For hot and sunny places, white and fresh greens are the best bet for the base, as they reflect a cool, fresh feel. However, for a place that is cold and grey, whites are just too cool. Instead, go for a warm color palette in natural tones, such as soft, natural browns, beiges and muted greens. Bring out the brightness and freshness by using tropical colors like red, orange, yellow, pink and turquoise. For a more striking and bold design, try out patterned wallpapers with lush foliage or bold flowers.
Carpets are a big ‘No’ for tropical interior decoration. Opt for hard, wooden flooring, slate or ceramic tiles. For a more sophisticated tropical feel, try out floor coverings in bamboo, sisal or sea-grass. Nonetheless, you can throw some simple and neutral rugs here and there as a protection for your hardwoods.
Keep the windows simple and uncluttered if an authentic tropical interior design is what you are looking for. Try out anything natural, such as hard wood clutters, wooden slatted blinds or roll-up bamboo blinds. If fabric is something that you cannot ignore, opt for some simple, white and flowy voile for a fresh and breezy outcome.
Furniture in a tropical style home is usually of teak, wicker, rattan or seagrass. These are the perfect materials to opt for as they add texture and interest to the furniture, such as chairs, tables and ottomans. Sofas should be open with some upholstered cushions thrown. Beds, too, should boast of rattan material woven from wicker or seagrass fiber.
The right accessories can perfectly bring out the true feel of a tropical themed home. Hence, bold accessories in fabrics or paints should be added. A tropical home is incomplete without plants. Add on lots of verdant tropical foliage, such as palm trees, orchids, banana trees, plumeria, bird of paradise, hibiscus, caladium, protea and bamboo. You can also add on other beach objects like shells, corals, driftwood, coconuts and rocks to boost up your home. Add in some tiki statues, decorative wood carvings and pineapple designs to complete your authentic island flair.

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