Does your life look less of a comfort space and more of a war zone? De-clutter your surroundings and enjoy a clutter-free life.

How To Get Rid Of Junk

Are you a pack rat who loves to hoard up just about everything, from old photographs to sea shells to empty cans and more? Amassing knickknacks and stashing them all away is a habit that many barely ever realize they have, until they feel pressed for some extra space or a sudden move-out to accommodate that pile-up. Call it the clutter-mania or whatever you may, storing away  ‘whatnots’ is a passion for many who stack away their so-called “all-purpose” items until their house comes crashing down! For a few others, disorganization is just another way of life. These so-called lazy lots love to stack up everything, not by choice but out of bad habit. Doesn’t matter if you are a junkie by choice or habit, storing away knickknacks can at times can not only clutter your personal space but also junk up your mind! Remember, there cannot be anything more gratifying than a clutter free home and living. After all, home is where your heart is, so keep your space junk free and enjoyable! To know more on how to get rid of junk, read on.
Getting Rid Of Junk 
  • It doesn’t matter if you had to shell out a bomb to obtain that vintage lamp shade or can’t afford to part with your grandfather’s eyeglass for sentimental reasons; understand that these are pure junk items that deserve to be out of your house. Just find buyers and sell your junk off. You can auction your junk online or find interested buyers and dispose it off. In that way, you won’t just be getting junk out of your life, you will also have a few extra bucks in hand.
  • Another exciting way to get the clutter out of your house is to host a garage sale. Yes, you heard it right! Garage sales are not only high on fun but also help you get rid of junk without the bother of buyers. Just gang up with your fellow neighbors or friends and plan a garage sale. The best part about garage sales is that they warrant least expenditure and require no legal sanction. All you have to do is to select a perfect day for displaying your junk ware and then sit sipping on your beer and wait for excited buyers to come along!
  • Another great way to junk-free your life and space is to sell those invaluable knickknacks to a shop. Shops specializing in collectibles eagerly buy off old clothes and accessories. Just find such a shop in your neighborhood and check out what is on offer. You can sell them everything right from your old DVDs to your antique jewelry. However don’t forget to bargain!
  • Donate your junk or simply give it away! There are a host of charities that would welcome your gesture and accept your offering. You can also make online donations to your favorite charitable trust. However, keep away from donating stained or broken stuff.
  • One great way to dispose off your junk is to give them away to interested enthusiasts who can reuse or even better, recycle your stuff into something new and functional, or just an artistic installation! If you can’t find a buyer or any enthusiast, recycle the items by putting them to a different use. In that way, these knickknacks won’t be left to clutter the corner of your house and would save precious bucks by substituting for an item you were to buy new.

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