Paraffin is an odorless, waxy solid which burns readily and dissolves in ether, benzene and some esters. Read on about Paraffin uses here.

Uses Of Paraffin

Paraffin is a common name for Alkane Hydrocarbons. It is used in making candles, protecting foods such as jellies and cheese. Paraffin wax is very popular for skin treatments. It can heal chapped hands, cracked heals and rough calluses on the hands and feet. It soothes the skin because the wax is mixed with mineral oil. The heat that the wax creates allows the oil to penetrate the skin for the softest effects. To enhance your at home spa experience, you can choose oils with various unique scents. The heat of paraffin can also be used to relieve arthritic pain. Paraffin oil is also known as kerosene or stove oil, and is burned as fuel. Lamps and lanterns are lit with paraffin oil. It is also used as fuel for jet planes and rockets. In olden days, paraffin oil was added to still water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and applied on lice to kill it. Though, with technology, these practices have fallen out. It is also used in some forms of entertainment such as fire dancing and fire breathing since it ignites at a relatively lower temperature than other fuels. Continue reading this article to know some more uses of paraffin. 
Different Uses Of Paraffin 
  • To simplify the usage, transport and dosing of fertilizers, paraffin waxes and special mixtures are used as anti caking additives.
  • Paraffin is used in various kinds of foods, for example, for producing gum base, a basic ingredient of chewing gum. It is also used on citrus and other fruits to improve moisture retention, extending their life and freshness and giving them shine.
  • It has excellent insulating properties which are very useful for electrical and electronic applications.
  • It is used as an additive in producing tyres, insulating them from ozone and avoiding cracks in them.
  • Although the amount of paraffin wax applied to the surface of matches is minimal, it helps regulate their burning.
  • It is used as an ingredient for lotions, pastes, creams, lipsticks, lip balms and may also be used as a chemical ingredient in medicines as a layer on tablets to protect their surface, delay the release of their contents and increase their shine.
  • Paraffin wax is applied alone or mixed with other types of waxes for polishing boards by lubricating and protecting the surface.
  • Paraffin wax is used to coat butter paper so that it provides an additional barrier to the passage of moisture, micro-organisms and odors and also conserves the aromas and flavors of the packaged products. It is also used in corrugated cardboard, providing rigidity and insulation.
  • In the production of printing inks and varnishes, paraffin waxes are used to improve the resistance of the products to friction or scratching or to achieve a certain appearance and to act as a barrier to moisture. It is also used as a ligand material for enamels, lubricating agents, corrosion protection, etc.
  • Paraffin wax is used majorly by the candle industry.
  • Paraffin oil is frequently used in industry as a lubricant. It is also used as a heating source in laboratories.
  • Paraffin heaters are used to heat enclosed spaces, particularly in situations where neither central heating nor a sufficient conventional source of heat are available. The paraffin heater was one of the first space heaters in use, although now there are many other popular space heaters available.

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