Drentse Patrijshond is a strong and muscular hunting dog breed with excellent retrieving and pointing ability. Read on to learn more about Drentse Patrijshond.

Drentse Patrijshond

Breed: Gun Dog
Height: 22 – 25 inches
Weight: 50 lb
Coat Type: Dense coat of medium-length hair
The Drentse Patrijshond is a versatile hunting dog from the Dutch province of Drenthe. This breed holds resemblance to both the spaniel and setter types of dog. They have an excellent smelling sense which makes them an exceptionally good retriever and pointer. Unlike many other hunting breeds, which were developed by, and for, the elite or nobility only to hunt, the Drentse Patrijshond was expected to hunt all game, and also pull duty as watch dog, child playmate, etc. Some were even used to pull the dog-carts. Drentse’s are quick learner and need regular and effective socialization and training in order to get it adapted to a homely environment. To learn more about the Drentse Patrijshond breed, go through the article.
The Drentse Patrijshond breed originated in the 16th century. These dogs came from Spioenen, which came from Spain to the Netherlands and are related to Germany’s Small Münsterländer and France's Epagneul Français. This particular breed was also used for hunting quails and partridges that were in abundant in Netherlands—this usage of the breed gave it the name ‘Partridge dogs’. These dogs were kept in Drenthe, a rural province of Netherlands before they got formally recognized as a breed in 1943. The breed standard for the dog was made and approved by the Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied. The standard for the breed so developed is used by The Fédération Cynologique Internationale as a standard used for international competitions. This breed is also now recognised by the United Kennel Club.
The Drentse Patrijshond is a well-built breed with muscular and medium length back and powerful loins. These dogs have an arched and fairly broad head with a skull slightly round in shape. They possess oval eyes that are medium in size and are amber in color. Their broad ears are set high and fall along their cheeks. They have black nose and their teeth meet in a scissor or level bite. Another unique characteristic of this breed is their neck. They have a short and strong neck with a deep chest. They have straight, well-muscled and well-set legs. The tail of these dogs is set high reaching almost to their hocks. Another distinct feature of this dog is hair growth in between their toes. They have a dense coat which is mostly white in color with large brown plates.
Drentse Patrijshonds are a hardworking breed of dog that is always eager to please its family members. They possess strong hunting instincts and therefore they like smelling various objects which also portrays that they are good pointers and retrievers. They are good natured dogs and can prove to be an excellent pet. They are also very affectionate and playful with children. They can also go along well with dogs of other breed and pets if socialized with them. But their hunting instincts make these dogs dangerous for animals like hare, rabbit, fowl and pheasants.
Genetic Disease
Drentse Patrijshond is generally a strong breed but it can get affected by few of the infections that other breeds are prone to. The major threat to this breed is from a condition called ‘Progressive Retinal Atrophy’.
Drentse Patrijshonds need to be brushed and combed regularly to eliminate loose and dead hairs from their coat. These dogs are average shedders and should be brushed more frequently during shedding season.

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