Losing a pet can be devastating, heartbreaking and can shatter your world. Read the article given below for some simple yet effective ways of finding your furry friend.

How To Find A Missing Cat

One of your worst nightmares came true! Your beloved cat has gone missing. Your life will change drastically without your little furry friend. Life will no longer be as you know it. Wondering whether to call the police to find your missing cat? Or maybe just ask neighbors if they have seen your missing cat? It’s not your fault if your cat is missing unless you beat him up and did not treat him right. Cats go missing for many different reasons like fear of something in the house, wandering out of their territory and not being able to find their way back or simply because they are curious free-spirited creatures and like to discover new things and places. This can be a distressing event for any pet owner but the good news is there are good chances of getting reunited with your fur-ball. Continue reading to know a few effective ideas on finding a missing cat.
Tips For Finding A Missing Cat
  • The first step to find your lost cat is to start searching for it as soon as possible. The faster you start looking for it, the lesser time it has to wander and get into trouble. Don’t wait for it to necessarily get right back home, and on time! Check your area thoroughly; ask your neighbors if they saw your furry little friend wandering on the streets. Also check under all the cars and in the garbage cans. Also check in the car bonnets; cats love to snuggle up in there during winters since it's sort of warm in there.
  • Expand your search by asking neighbors or friends who are willing to help you find your missing cat. The search can be faster and on a wider scale with a group of people instead of just one person looking around.
  • Cats are very curious creatures. They rarely leave their territories. In case one left its territory for some reason, it is possible the puss was attacked by an animal or hit by a car and is injured and hiding somewhere so that it does not attract predators in its weakened condition. In such a case the best thing to do is call out its name while searching. The best time to do this is at night since it is calm and quiet and there are more chances of kitty hearing you and coming out of its hiding place.
  • You could also hand out flyers in your neighborhood and neighborhoods around your area with a picture of the little lost pet, maybe with the promise of a small reward.
  • In high-tech age, the other thing you must do is post your picture online with your missing cat and contact details. In case someone has found the poor little dear, then there are chances they might look online to find its owner.
  • Inform your local police department so that they can look out for your missing cat during their duty rounds. Also, you could go and check with animal shelters. If someone has found your missing cat, there are good chances that he/she would have given it away to an animal shelter.
  • Leave things with a familiar scent outside your home on your porch, in your garden or in your neighbor’s garden or as far as possible. Also, leave 2 or 3 different boxes instead of one. Put things like your old unwashed t-shirt or your cat’s own bedding or its litter box. Cats have a great sense of smell; if it is confused and hiding somewhere nearby, then these things will definitely attract it back home safe and sound. If you are putting 2 or 3 boxes far away, then check regularly every few hours.
  • The moment you adopt or buy a cat or find your missing cat, get it micro chipped. Even if this technology won’t help you track it down, it will still serve as a unique form of identification, and that much easier to find if it has been given away by someone to a vet’s office or animal shelter. Also, make your cat wear a collar and a tag with its name and your contact info so that if lost, it will be easy for those who find it to locate your place and maybe contact you or even return it to you.

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