Buying a perfect sofa for your home is not an easy task. Read the article for some useful tips on choosing the perfect sofa.

Finding The Perfect Sofa

“A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.”
Every home is a fulfilled dream of its proud owner, the tastes and interests of whom will be exhibited in every nook and corner of the room. Whether it is a painting or a piece of furniture, it will have the owner’s love and taste. It is true that any room can be upgraded into a top-class one with proper furnishing and upholsteries to decorate the room. A sofa plays an important role here by making even an otherwise dull looking room into a stylish and good-looking one. There are varieties of sofas that can be chosen from, a lounger to a corner unit, and your task will not be easy if you want the best sofa that gels with the interiors, making your living room or your formal room more warm and inviting. Choosing your perfect sofa is not at all a herculean task if you know a couple of necessary guidelines. You can find some interesting tips on finding the perfect sofa here. So, happy sofa shopping!
How To Find A Perfect Sofa? 

Before planning to buy a sofa, you need to find out the size of your room and how much space you can afford to give the sofa. Find whether the sofa can fit in your entire family or not. Utilization of space should be the mantra behind finding a sofa. 

When you go sofa hunting, find one that has the perfect look and style so that it blends well with the other furnishings in the room. There are a number of choices, from the traditional style to the contemporary one. You can get readymade ones from any showroom or get it made by the sofa manufacturers, as per your need. Anything from a lounger to a sofa bed to futons or corner units can add on to the style and look of your room. 

Color And Pattern
Usually the colors of the upholsteries are chosen to match the color of the walls of a room. However, if you want to give your room a trendy look, attempt some bold and bright colors and patterns. This will make your sofa a centerpiece rather than a mere piece of furniture. Take into account your personal preferences as well. 

You can check out for the best fabric at the showroom by having a look at it personally. If you have kids at home then you dare not go for white fabrics. Being a pet lover is a good thing, but your pet can prove disastrous to an expensive leather sofa leaving the marks of its claws. You should check out the color and the texture of the fabric before choosing it. 

Test The Sofa
Try to get the feel of the sofa personally by sitting on it. Get a second opinion if needed. Find how comfortable the sofa is. Check if the seat goes with your leg length and arm height. Going for firmer models can be better for your posture and they also need lesser maintenance. In the long run the sofas soften with use. 

Frame Of The Sofa
While choosing a sofa, make sure that you choose the best quality frame, if you are looking for the comfort and longevity of your sofa. It has been found that 100% beech wood is the hardest, and so, it is the best material for a sofa frame, but some manufacturers attempt combining softwood frames along with it. This is fine until frames of boxwood or chipboard is combined with beech wood. Check if the frames are properly screwed and glued. Also find if it produces any kind of sound when you sit on it as this shows that the sofa is not properly fitted. 

Next is checking the body of the sofa. Checking out the springs used for resistance is the first thing. A good quality sofa will have coil-sprung seats distributing the weight evenly. You can also go for webbing, which also makes a firm seat base. Most of the sofas will be padded with foam. If you feel the frame of the upholstery while sitting then it means that the sofa has not been padded properly. 

Cushion Comfort
Try to get cushions that are not attached to the sofa. This will enable you to remove the cushions and wash. Check out the padding of the cushions if you are picking new ones. It should be firm and should have a heavy feel, which prevents the cushion from sagging.

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